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Andaz Wall Street and 5th Ave Hosts Provide Service In The City

August 24, 2010 at 9:38 AM | by | ()

We already know that Andaz Hotels prides itself on friendly, floating hosts and stacks of local knowledge. But did you know that you can call on the Andaz hosts even when you're not in your hotel room, but out and about in the city?

We learned this when we were handed this red business card pictured above when checking in for our stay at Andaz 5th Avenue this July. On one side it's a regular ol' business card for the hotel, but this red side tells us our host's name and says, 'If you are out exploring the city and need anything, please call or text me at ... '

We have to admit, we did not use this service (we live in New York, and we were too busy taking multiple showers in that kick ass bathroom in our guest room), but we were curious if people have been taking Andaz hosts up on this offer.

As it turns out, they have.

One repeat guest at Andaz Wall Street asked the person who checked him in if they could get him into one of New York's hottest clubs. They came through, and now the guest asks for the same host on every stay.

There have also been typical concierge and good-hotel-service stories including local restaurant recommendations, but our favorite tale involves the guest who told his Andaz Wall Street host how glad he was to have a name and number on a card because he would no doubt need them when figuring out how to get 'home' once he was plastered.

Sounds like something we might have done—once upon a time, of course!

Archived Comments:

The Clarendon Hotel - Phoenix's Urban Retreat...

At The Clarendon, our managers of guest relations do turn-down each evening, and give their card with their mobile number on it to every guest.  This goes over very well.  Also, when I am in the lobby and when I pass guests, I give them my card, let them know I'm the owner and GM, and tell them that my mobile is on there and they can call me 24/7 with any issues that may arise.  We've been doing this for several years now!