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Speaking of Hotel Cars, The V8 Hotel Offers Cars in the Guestrooms

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  Site Where: Graf Zeppelin Platz , B÷blingen , Germany, 71034
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So we got a little turned on this morning with our list of 10 Tricked Out Hotel House Cars but the reality is, we're not going to be able to afford a $1,000,000 stay at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi just so we can have exclusive access to a Maybach. Yet we've found a more affordable way to indulge in our gearhead fantasies--spending the night at the V8 Hotel in Germany's Meilenwerk Stuttgart, an international hub for car dealers.

The hotel opened last September on the old B÷blingen airport field and it's entire inspiration is the automobile. There are 34 rooms inside the hotel and while the single rooms are rather bleak, the 10 themed rooms will satisfy most every auto fantasy you've ever had. Here are some of the stand-out themed rooms:

Autokino; The bed looks like a big red Cadillac and the room is designed to look like a night out at the drive-in movie theater from the 70s. All you need is a schmoopie in bed with you and you can be instantly transported to Lovers Lane.

V8 Camp: Designed to mimic the feel of camping out in your RV. There's a hammock and a kerosene lamp in the room and silly paintings of the great wide oen on the walls.

Werkstatt: Ever spent so much time working on car in your garage you fell asleep there? This is exactly what you can do in this room which comes with a bed on top of a hydrolic ramp, lockers, tires, workbenches, and spanners and wrenches.

Carwash: As a kid, we always loved sitting in our car as it went through the carwash and this room offers the chance to sleep through a carwash. Behind the bed are massage brushes and throuhout the room are other cleaning props from a real carwash. Want to clean your body? Do it in the room's rainshower bathroom.

Tankstelle: And here's where you recharge your batteries after a day of exploring classic cars in Meilenwerk. In this room, you sleep in what looks like a white punch buggy that's been placed inside a Shell service station, complete with petrol pumps, neon signs and furniture made from auto parts.

These theme rooms start at 160 Euros a night and all have their own bathrooms, minibars, cable TVs and "powerful WLAN" internet connections.

For the big spender, you can splurge on the hotel's Zeppelin suite which occupies three floors and is inspired by, obviously, the Zeppelin. A bonus? The rooftop terrace overlooks the former airport. But this will set you back at least 380 Euros a night.

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wow that was really cool. this was the first time i saw the car on the guest room. just wanna ask if there is a hyundai in there? haha. by the way i am really amazed if there is a car and the hyundai oem parts placing the wall or the side of the bed. why don't you try that one?