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10 Tricked Out Hotel House Cars

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These days we've been noticing that hotels are trying to make our stays feel more like home. That's why we rarely see a hotel room without a flat-screen TV, an iPod dock, a stack of pillows on the bed and "home-like" decor. But doesn't that seem kind of crazy? Who wants to pay good money to spend the night at home? Not us.

We want our hotel stay to be a chance at living beyond our means, if only for one night. That's why we're obsessed with hotels with cool technology, death-defying rooftop pools and sexy suites. And now we've got a new lust--10 Tricked Out Hotel House Cars.

These hotels ferry their guests around in some of the most expensive cars on the market. Now, we're not gearheads and normally, we'd leave that stuff to Jalopnik but just knowing that we could been see in a Rolls Royce Phantom or a Maybach by spending a night at one of these hotels has us rather...turned on.

1. Jaguar XJ
· Where You Can Ride It: Shutters on the Beach and Casa Del Mar, Santa Monica, Calif. Guests at these beachfront hotels can get chauffeured around in style but only within Santa Monica.
· Ticket to Ride: FREE for hotel guests. Room rates start at around $500 a night

2. Porsche Panamera 4S
· Where You Can Ride It: Gansevoort Hotel and Gansevoort Park in New York. Having two sister hotels in the same city means that guests will want to go back and forth from one hotel to the other. Naturally, a Porsche is the car for the job.
· Ticket to Ride: FREE. Room rates at the Gansevoorts start around $300 a night.

3. Range Rovers
· Where You Can Ride It: Mondrian South Beach in Miami. Guests at this bayfront hotel can be ferried to the Mondrian's sister hotel, The Delano, on the beach. There's plenty of room for your rollerblades!
· Ticket to Ride: FREE. Room rates at the Mondrian start at $350 a night.

4. Bentley Continental GTC
· Where You Can Ride It: At the Haleuakani in Honolulu which has a exotic automobile amenity program called "Art in Motion." Guests can choose from a Maserati Gran Turismo, a Bentley Continental GTC, a Lotus Elise and a Lotus Exige S to play with during their stay.
· Ticket to Ride: You have to pony up at least $7,000 for the hotel's suites to have access to this program. But regular ole' guests can rent the cars for the day starting at $250. (The Bentley is the most expensive car to rent at $995 a day.)

5. Hermes Rolls Royce Phantom
· Where You Can Ride It: At The Four Seasons George V in Paris who had the luxury car custom-made to their specifications and which includes Hermes-customized upholstery and accessories.
· Ticket to Ride: Room rates here start around €750 a night but renting the car costs an additional €3,800 for day trips and €750 for airport pick-up.

6. Mercedes Maybach
· Where You Can Ride It: At the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi where the use of a chauffeur-driven $410,000 Maybach is available with the hotel's most expensive package see below. The hotel also has a Rolls Royce on hand if you so desire.
· Ticket to Ride: The car can be yours exclusively for seven days when you book the $1 Million Hotel Package which includes a stay in a three-bedroom suite, private jet excursions, all food and drink and more.

7. Rolls Royce Extended Wheelbase Phantoms
· Where You Can Ride It: At the Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong which actually has 14 of these cars on hand. Not feeling the Phantoms? You can also choose from a helicopter or two custom Mini-Coopers.
· Ticket to Ride: The cars are complimentary for guests in the suites which start around $8,800 a night.

8. Yet Another Rolls Royce Phantom
· Where You Can Ride It: At the Pretty Woman Hotel aka The Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills. The cars are available on a first come, first serve basis for hotel guests and they can be dropped off (or picked up) from any location within a three mile radius.
· Ticket to Ride: FREE. Rooms at the Four Seasons here start around $400 a night.

9. Mercedes Maybach 62S
· Where You Can Ride It: At the Ciragan Palace Kempinski in Istanbul where guests can hire the car and its driver for airport transfers or for private rental.
· Ticket to Ride: Room rates start around $600 a night but the ride in the Maybach will cost you extra.

10. BMW 7 Series Limousines
· Where You Can Ride It: At the Grand Hotel Europe in St. Petersburg which has seven BMW 7 series limousines in their luxury fleet. Looking for something more sporty? The hotel can also chauffeur you around in a BMW X1 or X5 at your wish.
· Ticket to Ride: Room rates start around $400 a night but an airport transfer in the limo will cost about $115.

Seen a sick hotel ride lately? Let us know where and what kind of car in comments below.

[Photos: Casa del Mar and Shutters/Courtesy of the hotel; Gansevoort/Courtesy of the hotel; Mondrian/HotelChatter; Halekulani/Thaddeus Harden; Emirates Palace/Autodealer.ae; Peninsula Hong Kong/Courtesy of the hotel; FS Beverly Wilshire/HotelChatter; Ciragan Palace/ContractorTalk; Grand Hotel Europe/Courtesy of the hotel]

Archived Comments:

rolling royce

it's got to be about the rollerz, no? that fleet at the peninsula makes me feel funny

Love the Porsche

I don't drive, so I love the idea of hotel rides in general.

I had the chance to ride in the Porsche Panamera 4S between Gansevoorts recently, and it was pretty damn and smooth. My only lament was the NYC traffic. If we could get one of these babies out on the open road, then we'd be talking...

The Plaza

NYC's The Plaza also has either a Rolls or a Bentley; I've forgotten. Plus the Park Hyatt Chicago has a lovely small fleet of Mercedes for complimentary rides for guests.

Complimentary is best!

Like the Rolls Royce Phantom or the Hermes Phantom would be awesome but not if you have to pony up more money for it. Those room rates are already extravagant. Also, a bunch of hotels have SmartCars in their stable. That might be the next list!

Maybach is at the Skylofts @ MGM Grand

Don't Forget the Skylofts @ MGM Grand have complimentary Maybach transfers, although it is only for Drop off and Pick up from the Airport or on the Strip at the beginning/end of your Stay.

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