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Where in Costa Rica Are Heidi and Spencer Faking Sex Tape Negotiations?

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  Site Where: Peninsula Papagayo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
August 23, 2010 at 4:12 PM | by | ()

Are they or aren't they? That question about Heidi and Spencer can be asked of both their divorce proceedings and their sex tape aspirations.

But what we really want to know is where are they holding these fake negotiations about their sex tapes? TMZ is reporting that the fame-seeking duo are happily vacationing at a resort in Costa Rica while publicly acting like there's a divorce war on with sex tapes at the center of the battle. The report doesn't mention where Heidi and Spencer are vacationing and when we actually tried to watch the TMZ video for clues (we know, gag), it crashed our browser.

Yet given that Speidi sought out the Four Seasons Costa Rica in Guanacaste during a trip there last year, we think that's probably where they are showmancing it this time.

We just wonder how they can afford the nightly room rate of $300? Heidi's music career hasn't exactly taken off. And while internet in the lobby is free, a TripAdvisor member noted that internet costs about $60 for a week's use. So all those emails and tweets Spencer is sending will add up.

Of course, we could be wrong so we're open to suggestions and scoop from people in the know. Anyone working at the FS Costa Rica care to volunteer some info about Speidi? We're all ears.

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stupid female gossip

this blog is in dire need of a male perspective.  nobody cares about these twits, and you dont even know what hotel theyre staying at so i hardly see how this qualifies as a hotelchatter story.  i come here for industry perspective and tips about hotels, not stupid celebrity guessing games.  

slow news day

we even admitted on Twitter this story was a result of a slow news day. But if you've got specific questions then send 'em to us here: tips@hotelchatter.com