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Fans are Keeping The Dream Alive in SoBe

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  Site Where: 1111 Collins Avenue [map], Miami Beach, FL, United States, 33139
August 20, 2010 at 1:03 PM | by | ()

A half-Dream.

We've been a bit exasperated by the deferred Dream South Beach and the other week when a Twitter follower sent us a Twitpic of the hotel's seemingly slow-going construction, we were disappointed to say the least. (Remember, this hotel is only half-opened right now as The Palmer House.)

However, two commenters in South Beach strongly disagreed with us, saying the hotel is hard at work on opening. The first commenter said the photo we posted was "unfair as it fails to show the incredible progress the building has made, the sky bridge and the huge crews working on the building daily."

He also mentioned that the staff at the Palmer House will also be the staff for the Dream when that side is completed and noted that the hotel has already received great reviews on TripAdvisor.

Another commenter has more helpful info, saying:

I actually was given a tour of the property two weeks after Palmer House opened in June and trust me... they're working HARD and what I've seen -including penthouses with private rooftops- looks INCREDIBLE. I wasn't allowed to take pictures and hook my Hotel Chatter friends up w/ photographic evidence (my tour guide knew me too well) but you -we!- won't be disappointed when it opens. No ifs here... Late 2010/Early 2011 but it IS coming! Keep The Dream alive!!!

To be clear, we're not dissing the hotel in any way. In fact, if you read our last post on it we wrote, "Judging from the renderings, the hotel as a finished product looks incredibly cool. But right now, we can only experience half of it inside The Palmer House. Needless to say, we'd really like this dream to come true before 2010 is out."

So as you can see, we're incredibly anxious to get inside the Dream. We've been er, dreaming about this for a realllly long time. Having been teased with multiple opening dates like Labor Day 2009 and Early 2010, the anticipation is killing us. We just really want this hotel to open so we can go inside it!

But until then, we'll have to make do with Palmer House, which despite glowing TripAdvisor reviews, is only a half-Dream. Thus we'll keep waiting patiently for the Dream to come true in "Late 2010/Early 2011."

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