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Curses! Gordon Ramsay Is Out Of (South) Africa

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August 2, 2010 at 2:58 PM | by | ()

Gordy and Tana at the opening of Maze One & Only. Guess he should have concentrated more on the food than the highlights.

UPDATE: Gordon Ramsay also owes the U.S. government millions in unpaid taxes!

Poor old Gordon Ramsay. Yet another one of his hotel restaurants has closed down, and not even the World Cup rush of Brits could save it.

According to the Mail on Sunday, Maze at One & Only Cape Town - which was his only restaurant in Africa - was shut down by Sol Kerzner on Thursday because after a year and a bit, it still wasn’t pulling in the punters.

According to the Mail’s source:

Nobu is next door and is always thriving, but Ramsay's place was mostly empty. The problem is that when people did come, they wanted to know that Ramsay would be there, or at least that he had overseen the menu. The fact is he was never there and that was the problem.

Hmm, we’re not convinced by the logic of that one – by that argument, shouldn’t De Niro have been living in Nobu? Either way, it’s bad news for chef R. That makes three hotel restaurants that Ramsay has had trouble with. Currently, he's represented "in name only" (i.e. no real control) at the Trianon Palace and The London West Hollywood. Better make some more TV shows if you want to keep yourself in fake tan, Gordy!

[Photo: Mail Online]

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on the contrary

gordon should give up his rote TV shows and start concentrating on fixing his own kitchen nightmares.