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COMO Shambala Spa's Indian Head Massage Turned Us Into A Noodle

August 20, 2010 at 8:56 AM | by | ()

Since everyone else seems to be on vacation and we're not, we're doing the next best thing and reminiscing about the break we had in July—specifically, we're reliving the amazing Indian Head Massage we had at Parrot Cay's COMO Shambala Spa.

Frankly, it was hard to tear ourselves away from our terrace with the Killer View, but when we finally did stroll over to the spa, we were not disappointed.

From the moment you step into the lobby (pictured above), your brain registers that you're going to have to shut off now, thank you very much. But it's in no way stuffy, claustrophobic or sceney, the way many spas can be. The quiet but friendly service of the resort extends to the spa, and the new two-story building overlooking the island's wetlands is as gorgeous as everything else here.

Now, about that Indian Head Massage ... we chose it because we love a good scalp massage. But it was so much more. This was explained to us when we booked the treatment over the phone and again when we arrived. The massage is also for your neck and shoulders, and our therapist spent a good amount of time working out one stubborn knot in our shoulder. You know, the kind you get from staring at your computer all day—from blogging.

But excellently, there was none of that helpful but chiding advice about stretching and whatnot. It was totally peaceful. The view overlooking the wetlands kept us from nodding off but otherwise we were lulled into a state of noodledom that we wish we could attain every Friday.

At a resort like this, every detail matters and when we finally got ourselves together after the massage and stepped out of our treatment room, we loved that our therapist had turned our slippers around so that we could step straight into them as we came through the door.

A cool cup of ginger tea sitting on the open-air patio/waiting area was icing on the cake. And we even came back the next day to use the spa's steam room and sit here again during a thundering downpour. It. Was. Divine.

The Indian Head Massage is $150 for 60 minutes. Use of the spa's steam rooms, jacuzzis and locker room facilities is complimentary for Parrot Cay guests.

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