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The New Hotel Athenee in Paris Continues to Intrigue Us

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  Site Where: 19 Rue Caumartin, Paris, France, 75009
August 19, 2010 at 4:20 PM | by | ()

When we wrote about the new Hotel Athénée that’s about to open in Paris the other day, we couldn’t help noticing that its name was a little too similar to a certain landmark property in the city. We also asked if anyone had more information – and, hooray! Someone from the hotel does.

First, a word on the name. As we said before, it was originally called the Hotel de l’Athénée – and it was so called because of its position by the Théatre de l'Athénée. So they’re not trying it on.

The hotel has been entirely redesigned by Jacques Garcia (he of La Mamoumia, the Hotel Costes etc) and the renovations have already taken a year longer than expected because it turned into a bigger project than anticipated. And it will definitely open “end of August”.

Two more things of note – there will be a smoking room which, contrary to what you might expect, is apparently rare for Paris, and the entire hotel has been given an “opera” theme.

Sounds more interesting by the minute! We’ll be waiting for the proper pictures to come through when it opens. As before, rates start at €243 ($311).

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The picture look as good as they promised!!!!