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Are NYU Students Moving Into DeNiro's House?

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August 16, 2010 at 9:31 AM | by | ()

In case you didn't already think that New York University students were the luckiest kids around, with their campus and dorms located in and around Greenwich Village, now comes news that some NYU kids may move into the Greenwich Hotel. After all, can you think of a better resident assistant than Bobby DeNiro?

Overcrowding in the regular NYU dorms is the cause of the potential move to the hotel, with as many as 250 students who were guaranteed housing for the upcoming fall semester still without a room assignment.

NYU News.com reports:

NYU is in ongoing discussions with a hotel in the Village to provide rooms for upperclassmen and therefore could not disclose its location.

However ...

Administrators have said displaced students will pay comparable rates for housing if placed in Greenwich Hotel or the local area hotel. The going rate for a standard bed in a double room is $13,438 for the academic year.

The starting rate for a room at The Greenwich? $475 a night.

We're not sure if the students would be getting a better deal or not, but either way, unless there's another Greenwich Hotel we don't know about, it seems like NYU students really are the luckiest college kids in New York.

Can we go back to school immediately and become one of the poor students who has to shack up at the Greenwich, with the private courtyard as our backyard and Locanda Verde as our cafeteria? Pretty please?

Archived Comments:

The Greenwich is not in The Village

It is in Tribeca.  The two areas do not even boarder each other, they are over a mile apart, and in NYC that is a huge distance.
If I had to guess they are going to be putting them up at the Washington Square Hotel, on the north side of Washington Square Park, which has rates more in the $200/night range.
Plus, I would bet good money that even if NYU was willing to pay rack, The Greenwich would not accept the reservation.  College kids would reek havoc in the common spaces, damage the rooms, and over all destroy the quite luxury that currently exists there.

the greenwich hotel (tribeca)

The greenwich hotel is in Tribeca and the report says they are negotiating with a hotel in Greenwich village. Looks they are talking about another hotel.

NYU students

They are really lucky to have that privilege to stay in so called De Niro's house.  I hope there's such wonderful privilege back on my time.Adam Gardner


NYU students who cannot fit into designated university housing will be temporarily housed in a local hotel until space can be alleviated for them in traditional housing. The Greenwich Hotel mentioned by the article is not Robert Deniro's Tribeca hotel, but a dorm owned by NYU by the same name. That figure is the amount residents are typically charged for the academic year. The first floor is traditionally rented by short term guests of the hotel, but will be used temporarily to house overflow students until they can be housed permanently in NYU housing.

Read the full article here:

How much?

Corrections to the point. It would be so close to mention how much is the education in the NYU and compare the costs to the sums average students in NY area can afford today. Saying nothing of the students from other states. Interesting fact: if they provide their education by student loans, will the cost rise for those you will spend their senior years living in the hotel in Greenwich Village? Will it make them borrow more and, thus, involve into deeper debt (http://loansmob.com/payday-loans-to-study/ )? Let's see what we can get here...