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These Hotels Make It Easy for Peeping Toms

August 12, 2010 at 10:08 AM | by | ()

The extremely controversial Peekaboo bathrooms have been all the rage in hotels for quite some time now. These bathrooms often have glass doors instead of solid ones or barely opaque shower glass instead of shower curtains. And there's always a few that have a window over the bathtub...looking out into the guestroom (and looking back!) Heck, some peekaboo bathrooms don't have any doors in general.

It seems as if hoteliers and hotel designers don't mind if one guest has to see their travel partner going to the bathroom or showering. Maybe they've done that to foster closeness between guests or maybe they assume two guests sharing a room are already close. But of course, there are exceptions to that--sharing a room with a work colleague on a business trip because the hotel is sold-out or four dudes crammed into one room on a bachelor party trip. And then there's always sharing a room with one of your parents.

Like we always do with hotel trends, we've put together a gallery! Here are bathrooms with the best peekaboo layouts--or worse, if you're that person stuck in a room with your work colleague.

Got any other peekaboo bathrooms we should know about? Send the hotel and photo to HotelChatter!

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