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HotelChatter's 10 Ugliest Hotels Alive!

July 27, 2010 at 3:16 PM | by | ()

Yesterday we brought you the 10 Sexiest Hotel Rooms Alive! but where there is sexy, there is sometimes not so sexy. Sometimes, there is just downright ugly. And we thought you should know where.

So we've rounded up the 10 Ugliest Hotels Alive! Now, not all of these hotels are ugly on the inside so you can't always judge a hotel room by its questionable exterior architecture. Also, we know beauty is in the eye of the beholder so feel free to differ with us. Just do it in comments below.

Now, brace yourselves as we begin the ugly list. Feel free to grip your mouse for moral support.

10. DAYS INN, Santa Monica
Ah LA, the land of sun, fun and unfortunate 80s architecture, an example of which is on display at this Days Inn at the border of Santa Monica and West LA. The hotel's website describes it as "architectural whimsy" but we don't think even a fresh coat of paint could make this hotel look good.

On the inside this hotel is gorgeous, especially those Atrium Club rooms which come with iPads. However, there's no getting around that exterior. Some would say it's "fun" while others would probably say "vom." On the bright side, you'll always be able to find your hotel if you stay here.

As is often the case in Vegas if you want free WiFi, you'll have to make some sacrifices, like sleeping in this eyesore. It may be hard to believe but the outside is actually better looking than the pattern massacre found in the guestrooms. The hotel's management says the bedding in the hotel has been updated, but it still appears on the website photos. You're definitely gambling when staying here.

Speaking of Vegas, with all the new glitzy hotels up on the Strip these days, the Imperial Palace is looking rough. Not to mention, scary. And the theme is bad. Who wants to stay in an Imperial Palace anyways? As it turns out, the rooms are even worse. VegasChatter recently stayed there and advised future guests to bring HazChem suits with them.

6. CROWNE PLAZA NEWTON, Massachusetts
This hotel just outside of Boston was still a Sheraton when we snapped this picture a few years ago and even though it's now a Crowne Plaza, the ugly remains. But this hotel gets an extra whack with the ugly stick for being built OVER the Mass Pike. Guests have a view of traffic from their rooms while traffic has to drive under the hotel for a stretch. Everyone loses here.

For starters, the hotel's modern (from the 1970s) addition was built over the ruins of an old church. It's a strange look that's compounded by strange bronze-y colored windows. While the windows do reflect the city's beautiful architecture, travel expert Tim Leffel once told us the Hilton spoils the view of Buda Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site for everyone else. Booo.

4. RYUGYONG HOTEL, North Korea
The only good thing about this scary Hotel of Doom in North Korea is that it's actually not an operating hotel. While it recently got some new glass, over 20 years of stalled construction have made inhabiting the hotel a costly venture. A more cost-effective solution to demolition? Put a paper bag over it.

We can't fault Travelodge UK's green Samaritan intent behind this hotel built entirely out of recycled shipping containers but we're not loving the awkward design. Still, we should be thankful those shipping containers were cleaned out thoroughly before they were outfitted with all the traditional hotel comforts: bathroom, wardrobe, mirror, desk and chair, and even a plasma TV.

Our eyes are burning! We need sunglasses just to look at this picture. Granted, we'd probably have fun inside the world's largest hotel with its indoor ski park, 28-lane bowling away, giant replicas of world landmarks, Asia's first free fall simulator, a hang-gliding rollercoaster and a massive casino. But we seriously hope those rooms come with blackout shades.

1. THE SON OF HEAVEN HOTEL, Hebei Province, China
Located outside Beijing, this hotel represents the Chinese ideal of Fu Lu Shou--good fortune, prosperity and longevity. It's also scary, intimidating and nightmarish. We've been trying to track down the hotel's website but it apparently goes by several different names (Tianiz Hotel is the more popular one) and none of the websites that come up have English translations. However, KillerDirectory.com says that "the chap on the left", Shou, is holding a peach which is a suite inside the hotel. It would certainly be a suite experience you would always remember.

Even seen or stayed in a really ugly hotel? Tell us where!

[Photos: Westin Times Square, Wired New York; Clarion Hotel, Clarion; Hilton Budapest, NedRichards; Ryugyong Hotel, Reuters; Travelodge Uxbridge, Inhabitat.com; First World Resort; BensonKua; Son of Heaven Hotel, KillerDirectory.com; All others HotelChatter]

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some comments

  1. son of heaven hotel looks AMAZING.
  2. budapest hilton is an affront to culture
  3. Imperial Palace - hazchem suit. don't you mean "hazmat"?

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These hotels are ugly... but I am sure that there are some uglier ones in the world...

Hotel Natürlich in Fiss

You will like Hotel Natürlich in a gorgeous skiarea in Tyrol, Austria!

It´s time that traditional meets modern! Very personal hotel with a lovely view over the valley!
Opening at December 2010!


liked the son of heaven

i guess THE SON OF HEAVEN HOTEL is not that ugly...
well i guess it just haves a different kinda architecture, n it looks beautiful...
but thn, beuty lies in the eyes of the beholder, other ppl might have different suggestions...


Follow up story idea...

ugliest hotel websites -- where to start right?

WTF?!?! haha What are they thinking?

I would be way too embarrassed being seen walking out of the "Son of Heaven Hotel"...


THE SON OF HEAVEN HOTEL in china is really cool! I wanna go there :(

son of heaven hotel

I love the look of the Son of Heaven.

ugly hotel

ever seen the Holiday Inn in Sarajevo?  I have pics if you want to add them. It's horrendous.

I dunno

I think a lot of these hotels look awesome. They are all pretty unique in their own way, especially the one in Boston. I'm pretty sure a lot of hotels have views of highways and traffic, not just this one.

On Second Thought

I took another look at these hotels and while I think some are still nice, the First World Hotel in Malaysia is absolutely disgusting. I think I'd rather go stay on one of the royal caribbean ships before staying there.

ugly hotels

I think the north Korea one is not that bad, in any other location it would be a beauty!

Son of Heaven

I think that the Son Of Heaven looks really cool. Would make for some great photos, and also would stand out a lot when driving around the area. Very original type of design I think.

Son of Heaven

The son of Heaven looks intriguing to me...

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LOL It must of been on a Monday or Friday when the architects designed those hotels

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I think the north Korea one is not that bad.
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I am out

These are some really Ugly Hotels. I would rather sleep in the park with my free ipad 2

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First World hotel

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Hotels are not that bad

Well, tell you the truth some are really good looking Hotels in that list like RYUGYONG HOTEL, North Korea and WESTIN TIMES SQUARE, New York
its pretty good constructed...if we thinking about the outer look and not worrying about inside services then this is absolutely stupid I guess :)

Great Design

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They should have stayed in an...

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No Doubt at all.

Seriously, this is such an amazing piece of work. I've never thought this can be possible. Son of heaven really represent the culture of china. Thanks


I would call them graffiti hotel edition. The son of heaven is an amazing work of art I think. I've seen uglier ones in Thailand, wish I had taken photos.

ugly hotel

ugly hotel? they seem really great except Hilton hotel in Budapest, it looks like a rocket for astronaut.

I agree completely.

I completely agree. I would not go as far to say that it is ugly. Unique yes, but not as much ugly. I would like to know what the inside of the hotel looks like.
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Phoenix Wyndham = world's largest cheese grater...

The Wyndham in Phoenix gets my vote as ugliest... then the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown, brand new, $400 million, yet looks like it was built in 1975.  I like the Son of Heaven hotel... more like a piece of roadside Americana, like the tee pee hotel, the world's largest ball of yarn, etc...

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Pan Pacific, Singapore.

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Not As Bad As Some I Have Seen

Hey there .. While your hotels are not the prettiest I have seen, I gotta tell you, I have definitely seen uglier.

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Hilton Budapest Hands down

The Hilton BUdapest is the ugliest hotel of the bunch. Some of these designs are downright attributed to bad taste. However, Hilton Budapest actually leveled up the ante by actually building on top of a historic ruin. Talk about clashing designs.

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