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HotelChatter's 10 Sexiest Hotel Rooms Alive!

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For adults only.

With the prevalence of peekaboo bathrooms these days, you'd think that hotels are all a bit sex-crazed. But as always, there's a difference between looking sexy and being sexy.

We at HotelChatter have sussed out the 10 Sexiest Hotel Rooms Alive! These rooms go beyond voyeuristic showers and sex kits in the mini-bars. These are the types of rooms that, in the words of John Mayer, are like "sexual napalm" for hotel guests.

So we're turning down the lights, pouring the finest glass of Merlot (that doesn't come from a box) and slipping into something comfortable while Boyz II Men plays in the background. Just sit back, relax, let your mind go and HotelChatter will do all the work.

1. King-sized Adult Bunk Beds at THE ANDAZ SAN DIEGO

The largest room in the hotel, the two bedroom Star Suite, measures up to a respectable 1,275 square feet, but as any experienced hotelier will tell you, size isn’t everything. It’s the special features that set this top-floor suite apart. Those include the titular king-size bunk beds in the master bedroom—each with its own flat-screen TV and stationed on a shag-carpeted stand—a mirrored ceiling (of course), and an in-room stripper pole for when you and your friends feel like working up a sweat before calling it a night.
Money can't buy you love but it can buy you some kinky nights: Rates for the Star Suite range from $2,500-4,000 a night.


The tower rooms at the Roosevelt are too small and bland to be sexy but the cabana suites that surround the pool are a different story. There are hardwood floors in the bedroom and stone walls all around but the bed linens are Sferra and the soft velvety headboard will keep you ahem, well-cushioned. Want to keep the party going after the sun goes down? The minibar goodies include a rather large bottle of Ketel One vodka and you can pop some M&Ms that come in a prescription bottle on the nightstand. You can even go public with your canoodling on the patio's daybed outside. However, just remember: when you're inside "making deals" be sure to keep that sliding door locked tight.
Freaking out Hollywood style starts at $529 a night.

3. The Sanctuary Rooms at JADE MOUNTAIN RESORT

Our new motto? Don't nobody have to know what goes on behind the mosquito netting. Our contributor JetSetCD flew down to St. Lucia last fall and was able to tour the Sanctuary rooms at the luxe property, Jade Mountain. This hotel room was born to do it. Here's what she says:

Jade Mountain is like sex on a stick. Rooms don't have walls for 1-2 of their walls. It's just open! You can have sex in your own personal infinity pool outside, overhanging a cliff and looking at the Piton Mountains!

Don't believe her? Check out our photo gallery here.
This hotel is perfect for honeymoons and other special events but good loving like this will cost about $1,200 a night.

4. Any suite at the OMM HOTEL

Barcelona can't help itself. It's just a sexy city. Maybe it's the sun, maybe it's the mild balminess that puts you in a slight trance as soon as you arrive, maybe it's the required daily siesta or the relaxed pace of life. But we actually think it may have something to do with blackout shades. We stayed in a room with two twin beds but once those blackout shades went down, the fun began. And can you imagine what would have happened if we had a king bed in one of the suites? Even better for people who still like a little mystery in the bathroom, the toilet is separated from the shower/bath and sinks by a wall so there's no mixing of the two.
Making love Barcelona style starts around 300 Euros a night for a standard room while the suites can cost upwards of 800 a night.

5. Deluxe Rooms at TRUMP SOHO

Donald Trump does not usually come to mind when talking about sexy but with Trump Hotels, only one thing matters--size. And these suites at the new Trump Soho are indeed spacious, with the starting room category at 422-sq.ft. Not only that but the linens are Bellino, the furniture is Fendi, the tubs are deep-soaking and there's even a pillow menu to order from. Yet a Curbed.com commenter might have put it best:

[B]athing with a naked girl in the tub in front of sheet of glass overlooking the city and the bay with the Statue of Liberty in the background is second to none.

To maximize the experience, book one of the deluxe rooms above the 2st floor for about $465 a night.

6. Wonderful Studio at The W SOUTH BEACH

A hotel in Miami, aka Naked City, had to be on this sexy list and we're doing it with W South Beach's Wonderful rooms (although, truthfully any room would do it here.) A panel of spandrel glass separates the white bed from the also very white seating area. They are supposed to enhance the views of downtown Miami or the ocean, but we all know what you'll use those mirrors for. In the bathroom, a massive walk-in shower has two extra jets strategically placed to hit your back and head/neck, depending on your height. So you can even stay here alone and still have fun! Want a kinkier experience? The Fabulous rooms have outdoor water showers.
Working it W-style will cost about $389 a night for a Wonderful Room.


Exploring our Mandarin Oriental hotel room—a premier room at 650-sq.ft.—was like unwrapping an endless present. And we bet you'll do the same here. There are plenty of places to get comfortable from the king bed to the chaise lounge and even on the yoga mat provided in-room. Blackout shades, lights and music turn on and off at the touch of a button by the nightstand. The deep-soaking tub has a pillow to keep you comfy during bathtime and the jewelry box in the bathroom holds about a dozen toiletries. But our favorite feature was the valet closet where staffers can place things in your room via the hallway so you never have to take a break to answer the door.
Getting lucky at the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas will cost you $415 a night.

8. The Suspended Bath at HOTEL LE SEVEN

How could you resist doing it sleeping on a levitating bed? (or one that appears to be levitating.) Even better, what about doing it soaking in a levitating bathtub? You can do both at the new Hotel Le Seven in Paris. The hotel's location in the Latin Quarter is far from glamorous but up in the rooms, you'll be whisked away to a futuristic setting, complete with mood lighting and a perfume-dispensing flat screen TV that pumps out the scent of your choice. Need to wake yourself up from this heady dream? Just turn on the in-room Nepsresso machine.
Getting your float on will cost you 203 Euros a night.

9. The Junior Suites at THE SANCTUM SOHO

The New York Times says The Sanctum looks cheap but we've seen too many floral patterns in London and we're ready for a more rock star stay. At the Sanctum, you won't be disappointed. In the junior suites, there's disco-ball mirror columns, soaking tubs in the middle of the room and an entirely mirrored wall directly opposite of the bed. The hotel butlers will serve you Jack Daniels in the tub or you can just chug the bottle straight from your minibar. Need someone to spend the night with? You might find them downstairs at the hotel's 24-hour bar. Or if you've got the person but no room and not enough cash, book one of the hotel's crashpad rooms--perfect for quickies.
Hosting your own disco inferno here starts at 350 GBP a night.

10. Ocean view suites at THE ROSEWOOD MAYAKOBA

Rooftop pools are coveted amenities in hotels but at the Rosewood Mayakoba in Mexico, you get your own rooftop plunge pool when you book one of the ocean view suites. You also get a giant master bedroom and bath, a living room, an outdoor seating area and private entry up to your pool with lounge chairs, roof solarium and those jaw dropping views of the ocean. The suites at this resort also come with your own butler who oversees all your needs during your stay. The butler will also do little things at no charge such as lighting candles for you while you are at dinner, drawing a bubble bath for you and decorating the room with rose petals. Don't you love when you don't have to work for it? Just don't ask him to hold the video camera. That's rude.
Privacy in paradise to do as you please starts around $1,000 a night.

Now that you've found the sexiest hotel room to stay in, you should probably read our guide to Great Hotel Sex! Don't let that sexy room go to waste! And it's no secret that we have a problem with hotel monogamy. Know of a sexier hotel than what's on this list? Let us know where!

Archived Comments:

The Shagadelic?

We kind of like the theme rooms at the Roxbury Motel in NY's Catskills - themed rooms like the Genie's Bottle and the Shagadelic have got to inspire. Plus the rates are within the reach of people with smaller wallets, like us. You can check out more cool, "sexy" hotels at Darn Good Digs.

The Valet closet @ MO Las Vegas

Everyone jumps up and down about the Valet Closet at MO Las Vegas, but it never worked when we used it, more than once we put something, like an Ice Bucket to be replenished, in there and it was never attended to, sometimes for hours, and we ended up having to call reception


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