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Will More Hotels Follow Courtyard by Marriott's Calorie-Counting Example?

July 19, 2010 at 2:49 PM | by | ()

Eat. Drink. Connect. Calorie-Count.

You never hear much about Courtyard by Marriott hotels ever, but when they have news at least it's pretty cool. The most recent bit is that the chain of budget hotels is about to revamp their Bistro dining concept—an open, grab-and-pay concept similar to what Aloft Hotels do—by upgrading the menus.

In particular, Courtyard by Marriott is adding calorie listings to their menu items, which includes everything from Starbucks coffee to low-fat/low-calorie muffins. Marriott claims that this will put Courtyard at the "forefront of the U.S. healthcare reform bill, which will require all chain restaurants in the U.S. to post calorie counts on their menus."

New York has already adopted a similar law, which means that we've grown used to seeing calorie listings for all food, including slices of coffeecake at Starbucks (500+!) and burritos at Chipotle (we don't even want to think about those numbers).

It's already proven beneficial, as Starbucks has introduced options below 450 calories and now perhaps diners avoid adding the extra 570 calories of a bag of the simple corn chips at Chipotle. Perhaps, if Courtyard's program proves successful, more hotel chains will follow along and make caloric content information readily available. But then, do you really want to find out how fatty that juicy room service burger is?

For a video of what the Courtyard By Marriott's Bistro experience is all about, watch our video here!

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