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10 Death Defying Rooftop Hotel Pools

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There are rooftop pools and then there are death defying rooftop pools. These are pools located impossibly high off the ground with infinity-edges that make you fear as if the water is going to run off the side of the building, and carry you along with it.

These are pools that hang off the building's edge with full plexi-glass windows so that not only are you afraid to look down but the people below may be afraid to look up. And these are the pools that allow you to slide through a shark tank. (Ok, there's only one of those but if sliding through a shark tank does not fit the description of "death defying" then we don't know what does.)

For those of you who already turned on by swimming up high in the sky, you might be wondering where to go? Well, luckily for you, the best places to indulge in these types of aquatic thrills happen to be at hotels. Take a look at some of the death defying rooftop hotel pools that you can jump into all for the price of a room. Got your own death defying rooftop hotel pool we should know about? Then pass it on!

1. Marina Bay Sands

This thrilling swimming experience is a part of the hotel's Sands SkyPark which is longer than the Eiffel Tower is tall and longer than four and a half jumbo jets. The pool itself spans across the top of the resort's three hotel towers. It is now the world's largest outdoor swimming pool, at that height. Yes, our stomachs are churning now.

2. W Hong Kong

Don't feel like swimming in this hotel's infinity-edged rooftop pool on the 76th floor overlooking the Hong Kong harbour? No worries, you can relax in the infinity-edged hot tub and take in a 240 degree view of the city and harbor as bubbles pulsate gently against your body. And yes, it's ok to rub up against the glass.

3. The Joule

Eight stories above the city of Dallas, guests at this Luxury Collection Hotel can swim to the deep end without going off the edge. The rooftop pool partially hangs off the side of the building with a plexiglass side so not only can swimmers look down at the city below but pedestrians can look up at the swimmers. Keep your swim trunks on please!

4. The Palms Hotel and Casino

The Hugh Hefner suite in Vegas costs $40,000 to rent out for the night but if you can afford it, you'll be able to skinny dip in the suite's very own Playboy bunny pool which also hangs off the side of the building. Just remember, the bunnies cost extra.

5. Golden Nugget

Here's a more affordable death defying pool experience in Vegas--the shark tank at the Golden Nugget has a three-story water slide that actually goes through the shark tank. It's totally secure of course, but you can also sit on lounge chairs in just inches of water and watch the sharks go by in their tank if you're too afraid to do the slide.

6. Thompson Toronto

Thompson Hotels love to brag about their exclusive rooftop scenes and the newest one at Thompson Toronto lives up to the hype. The infinity-edged pool is small but allows some amazing views of the city. And if you're worried about swimming too close to the edge, don't be. There's actually about a three-foot wide walkway between the pool and the rooftop's edge. (See what we mean here.)

7. Harbour Plaza Hotel Hong Kong

Looks like the W isn't the only pool in town with a sickening, er, sick view. This view of the Harbour Grand's pool makes it look as if you are practically a part of the bay. One side of the pool is actually entirely glass-walled so you can see what fellow swimmers are doing, even if you aren't in the pool. Again, keep it clean folks!

8. Hilton Stucky Molino

This rooftop hotel in Venice has you swimming above the Canal Grande and taking in the sights of the city at the same time. While there are no plexiglass sides and the pool doesn't hang off the edge of the building, look how close that pool edge is to the edge of the rooftop. We hope those windows are sturdy!

9. Vine Hotels Funchal Madeira

Up on the roof at The Vine Hotel in Madeira, Portugal, guests can choose between a heated infinity-edge swimming pool or a 20m-long jacuzzi, both with killer view of Fort São João and the mountains. Once you're done with the view, you can get book a massage cabana to unwind after such a stressful day or you can just drink your worries away with a cocktail as the sun sets.

10. The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

By now you know that Asia has the rooftop infinity pools on lock and The Fullerton's pool, although it's only on the hotel's second story, offers great views of the city's landmarks such as Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall, the Asian Civilisations Museum and Boat Quay. And is it just us or does it look like that pool water is flowing downstream?

Have you had an experience in a death defying rooftop hotel pool recently? Tell us where!

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Brazil is missing

Juliana, you forgot the Fasano hotel in Rio de Janeiro. Can't miss it!

Viceroy Miami

You can't see the infinity edge overlooking the bay in these photos, but it's a view from upon kinda high too:

http://www.hotelchatter.com/story/2009/8/13/10466/5662/hotels/What_It_s_Like_Swimming_in_the_Longest _Infinity_Edge_Pool_in_Florida

But the isolation and fear that zombie creatures may jump from the towering buildings above and into the pool was what really freaked me out - slash - made it a great swim.


they all make me a bit sick but i think the marina bay sands is what'll keep me awake at night

Dubai cliffhanger

I love pools. This is a great compilation that includes two from my hometown Singapore!

My personal favourite: this cliffhanger pool at InterContinental Dubai Festival City:



that cliffhanger pool is scary! but awesome. thanks charles, will include in our follow-up!

W Hong Kong

I can vouch for that one (snapped the pic)  The view from the hot tub is actually the best view from the entire hotel.  Very cool.

Crazy Pools!

I am going to Dallas in March and I was looking at different Dallas hotels on http://www.hotelroomking.com - Seeing this pool helps me make my decision!  ;-D  Can't wait!


I went to Golden Nugget. The pool is awesome. The water slide run through a large fish and shark tanks. It was scary but fun.


Awesome! Check out the one on the rooftop of a hotel in Spain. I'm a sucker for a view: http://www.swimtownpools.com/10-awesome-pools-a/248.htm ..definitely my favorite.

on the edge

all these swimming pools are on the edge, if there's a design flaw and the glass breaks you're gone, but I guess people like that side of it, being on the edge!

Marina Bay Sands

Is just jaw dropping stuff. I am not a really good swimmer and I am not to good with hights so I it certainly make's it all that more death defting for me. Great post.

Marina Bay Sands

On a recent trip to Singapore, I stayed at the Shangri-La, but paid the fee to head up to the sky park at the Marina Bay Sands to take a look- while the pool itself is roped off, visitors can still catch a glimpse of the pool and gorgeous views (probably even better than those of the Singapore Flyer) and take a walk around the rooftop viewing areas- there are also bars and restaurants up there if you want to make a night of it!

Here's a pic I took:

What a scenery

With a breath taking scenery like these, who cares about swimming at the edge. by: Hotel price


Very amazing hotels. Hotels on rooftop are really shocking! I can't imagine myself swimming on the top of the building. - Overnight Pools

Coolest ever!

Its so amazing! I dreamed to perform my swim workouts in that pool rooftop someday. So cool! I wonder how much each maintenance wort.


I love pools. The Palms Hotel and Casino very good.


Lovely Pools Feels like going into.I haven't had swim on top of any hotel buildng ever..... The Palms Hotel and Casino one is fabulous

Love the Views

These hotel pools look like a lot of fun. One day i would like to visit and experience some of these amazing hotel roof top pools. Even having a drink by these nice pools just to admire the views.

Amazing pools!!

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