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Wimbledon Tea is Getting Served Up at the Royal Horseguards Hotel

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June 24, 2010 at 2:30 PM | by | ()

Game, set, tea time!

You may not have noticed, what with the World Cup and everyfink, but there is another big sporting thing going on at the moment – and it’s altogether more genteel than burly men running round after a ball.

Yes, people, it’s Wimbledon time. And if you’re in London but too busy glued to the football to make it down to SW19, you can get the feel of it by either switching on the telly with a cup of tea and some strawberries and cream (boring) or popping over to the Royal Horseguards on Embankment for a special Wimbledon tea (much more fun).

The Wimbledon High Tea takes your favorite bits of Wimbledon – the racquets, the strawberries, and obvs the balls – and turns them into sugary form.

So instead of the strawberries and cream, you get a shot of strawberry and Pimm’s consommé. Instead of a performance anxiety-inducing racquet, you get to polish off an elderflower cupcake with racquets drawn on the icing, and – the icing on the cake, so to speak – you get truffles dressed up as green tennis balls. Amazing! Plus macaroons, meringue topped with English strawberries, and a lethal scones-jam-cream combo, too. The cream looks like cream-colored tennis balls, see?

The tea’s the idea of the hotel’s pastry chef Joanne Todd, and it does look beautiful. It also tastes pretty beautiful – the truffles were amazeballs (geddit?), especially the mint one, which tasted like fresh mint leaves, only nicer. The macaroons and meringue were delish, too.

In fact, we only have two tiny quibbles. The cupcake wasn’t the most jazz-worthy cupcake we've ever eaten, and the tray only has sweet stuff – ie no sarnies. There's so much sugar that you’re unlikely to miss them if you eat your way through the rest of the tray (trust us on this), but you may come out feeling a little less virtuous than normal.

The tea will be available throughout the tournament (ie until 4 July) and costs £28 per person. Believe us, it’s worth it for the truffles alone.

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