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Duh, Lederhosen is Totally Not Allowed at Claridge's

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June 22, 2010 at 9:12 AM | by | ()


Yesterday we were all excited about the new Diane von Furstenberg rooms coming to The Claridge's Hotel in London but it turns out the hotel is not just a fashionista but also an officer of the fashion police.

According to this report, a man dressed in full German lederhosen gear was kicked out of the hotel bar because they do not allow shorts to be worn after 6pm:

Dr Dickinson, who had gone to the hotel’s bar with his partner and a friend after visiting an art exhibition, was wearing the German leather shorts - accompanied with the traditional jacket and hat with feather, plus shoes and long socks. While kilts and other types of traditional national wear are acceptable in the hotel, lederhosen are not.

Ladies, don't fret as your short skirts and dresses are perfectly acceptable. But we're not so sure what the policy is on dirndls. Just to be safe, avoid all traditional German garb. But we're going to bet you have more commons sense than Dr. Dickinson, who is actually a Scot.

Have you ever encountered a dress code at a hotel? What was it and more importantly, did they allow your lederhosen in? Let us know in comments below.

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