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Guess The Hotel in Miami Where People Answer Room Service Naked

June 10, 2010 at 10:00 AM | by | ()

>We know that hotel staffers often see the human condition in their most embarrassing moments, but if you're a room service attendant in Miami, then you're most likely to see us hotel guests naked.

The Miami New Times recently posted two stories from a room service attendant working at an expensive hotel on Collins Avenue.

Around 4 in the morning during WMC this guys orders a couple bottles of Champagne. I go up to the room and there's a guy in a Darth Vader mask in his underwear, a naked Asian DJ, somebody in a full panda suit, one naked chick lying on the floor getting a massage, and another girl just in her panties. For some reason people love answering the door naked when they're at a hotel.

Just last week I went up to a room that ordered only a bucket of ice. It was just one naked dude with a big ass smile on his face and behind him there were three naked girls making out with each other all crazy. There's an automatic gratuity on all room service here, but he gave me 20 bucks."

Oooh we want more naked room service stories! But we also want to know what hotel all these nakey shenanigans are going down at. The place is on Collins and it's expensive. So it could be either the Delano, Sagamore, The Raleigh Shore Club or The Setai.

We're thinking it's probably the Delano or the Shore Club. Where do you think these naked room service orders are taking place? Let us know in comments below. (And feel free to send us your own sexy room service stories!)

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Archived Comments:

and it could also be...

the W, the Gansevoort, Ritz-Carlton (!), Loews... all expensive and on Collins! Let's find out where Aoki stayed during WMC lol