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A Breakup with Andre Balazs Means No More Free Hotel Rooms for Courtney Love

June 1, 2010 at 10:55 AM | by | ()

It looks like the free hotel hopping is over for crazy-as-all-getout rocker Courtney Love. She and her hot hotelier beau Andre Balazs have called it quits.

We were in disbelief when we heard that Love was shacking up with Balazs, whose exes include Uma Thurman. After all, Love seems more like the type to trash hotel rooms than date a hotel mogul. But now that the Hole singer is no longer dating Balazs, things will go back to normal at places like Chateau Marmont and Mercer Hotel.

One of the perks of dating a hotelier is that you get to stay at his properties for free. According to the Daily Mail, she spent four months living in Hollywood's Chateau Marmont last year while her L.A. home was being renovated and most of this year in a swanky suite in New York's Mercer Hotel, both of which Balazs owns.

Apparently, Balazs gave Love her walking papers because she got to be too embarrassing when they went out in public, Perez Hilton reports. And she is supposedly is "depressed" over being dumped.

A word to Balazs: Be careful about letting Love stay in any of your hotels post-breakup. She's got a history of ruining rooms at places like Claridge's and the Covent Garden Hotel, and you don't want to give the scorned woman any opportunities.

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get thee gone courtney. and once andre takes a silkwood shower, let's see him with someone more deserving. (like me, obvs)

what's going on?

Courtney's still getting rooms. Spotted this week chatting with Andre at Moma and at the Mercer. I want free rooms too, it's not fair :(