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London's Curious New Town Hall Hotel Opens for £99 a Night

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  Site Where: Patriot Square, London, United Kingdom, E2 9NF
May 5, 2010 at 9:22 AM | by | ()

Wake up and stare at your loverrr...in the bath.

A nice new hotel in London for under £100 a night? There must be a catch, no?

Well, yeah. For a start, the Town Hall Hotel & Apartments, which opens next Wednesday, and is being touted by Instyle as “London’s hip new hangout”, is in Bethnal Green. Ever so trendy for the nightlife, but ever so far out for touristy things in the daytime. It’s definitely manageable – one stop along from Liverpool Street on the Central Line – but it’s certainly not handy.

For another, it’s a block of apartments as well as a hotel. Not a problem in America, but not normally done in London – so whether it will kill any sexy hotel vibe or ramp it up is anyone’s guess.

To be fair, we do love the idea – a real old Edwardian town hall converted into modern digs, with “up and coming young artists” lining the art deco corridors with their work, and a sexy cocktail bar (the scene in Bethnal Green can err on the grubby side). So we’re more than willing to give this a go.

Looking at some of the photos on the hotel's website, we're seeing some rather large room spaces but with serious peekaboo baths. Each room will also have a kitchenette and washing machine inside it (this may or may not be a good thing, depending on how much you treasure hot hotel rooms compared to saving money by eating in and doing your own laundry). They’ll also all be privy to the holy grail of free WiFi.

The big rooms with these amenities are what make the low price very curious for us, especially since this is London we're talking about. The £99 + VAT rate is available on Friday and Saturdays from opening until 31 August. Weekdays will set you back £174 + VAT. So yeah – if you want a different view of London, or a posh East End experience, this could well be one for you.

[Photo: Visit London]

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