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A White Rabbit, a Haughty Queen, and Bjork Walk into a Hotel…

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June 1, 2010 at 9:27 AM | by | ()

How’s this for movie night: Alice in Wonderland is double-billed with Bjork in 3D (that’s Bjork in 3D) at the Crosby Hotel screening room this weekend. Which is more deliciously weird? Well, we’ll get back to you on that…

The Crosby’s plush screening room has been attracting celebrities, their friends, and their friends’ friends since it opened. But with the launch of the Sunday Film Club, which we covered earlier this year, it went from private to public, and we checked in to see how it's been doing since then. In a word (two words, actually): Very well. The film club has been filling to capacity with a diverse crowd (celeb friends or not) who come to sip bubbly, sink into the soft leather seats, and enjoy a posh night out.

As they say in the UK, the price is brilliant (well, for SoHo, anyway.) Dinner and a movie is $50 a person or you can go for our favorite choice: A cocktail, bar plate – try the goat cheese tart – and a movie for two for $25 a person. Considering that mixologist Marshall Altier’s retro cocktails at the Crosby Bar go for a heart-stopping $18, this is a sweet deal. (This week's special was a lychee martini, and we especially like the “Bees Knees,” with gin and honey syrup.) Dinner is usually pulled from the Brit-Americana menu, like lamb loin with thyme, and a pear galette or that British dessert icon – pudding.

Looking back: How did the Crosby go from parking garage to the playful British hunting lodge-style hotel that it is today? Get the scoop in the memorable short The Reconstruction of My Views, directed by Jean Roman Seyfried, which is occasionally shown in the screening room.

We watched the trailer, and were moved to sniffles: Time-lapse photography documents the ground-up evolution of the hotel, through all of New York’s seasons. As falling rain and snow give way to spring sunshine, the hotel grows like an ambitious young plant, from grimy parking lot to skeletal structure being picked over by cranes to sleek boutique hotel.

The film is as much a glimpse into the Crosby story and the vision of UK owners Tim and Kit Kemp, as it is a reminder of what it took to build New York, brick by concrete slab.

As for Alice in Wonderland, which is showing this Sunday: Haughty queens, magic mushrooms, and strange creatures “late for an important date” – just another night out in SoHo.

The Sunday Night Film club is open to the public. Go here for more info on pricing and for the film schedule.

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