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Beyond The Tabloid Mentions at The Bowery Hotel

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May 26, 2010 at 11:59 AM | by | ()

Our very own hotel Agent Zero returns with yet another review. Her not-real name is Myra Ellen and she's our version of Alex Goran who travels once a week for business, usually along the Eastern seaboard. Every so often, she'll be dropping in with her latest hotel and travel observations. In this episode, she revisits a hot hotel in NYC.

I hadn't been to The Bowery Hotel since it first opened in 2007. Then, some described the hotel as carefully broken-in like a pair of very expensive jeans. Now, a few years and scores of tabloid mentions later, that look and feel remains true.

However, arriving and departing in the bright light of day, the hotel did feel a degree less glamorous and the decor in the lobby and the narrow hallways slightly dingy. But at dusk and into the night, the cozy intimacy of my room was unbeatable.

In a deluxe king room that was more guest house than hotel room, I worked comfortably from the bistro table with the heavy-paned windows cracked open to a view of the secret half-block-long stretch of green behind the hotel.

It's impossible to not be charmed by both the abundance and uniqueness of the room amenities, from the desk-size calendar to a tiny tube of Marvis toothpaste. (I have to mention the toothpaste given a fellow Hotelchatterer's hassle waiting for toothpaste recently!)

And I appreciate the hotel's restrained sense of whimsy: its room keys are affixed to dark red silk drapery tassels -- impossible to lose and perfect to swing in one's hands during an evening concert. And, a small point, they're almost identical to the tassels hung onto the Do Not Disturb signs at the Gramercy Park Hotel.

Also like The Gramercy Park Hotel, the plush, rich rooms are an oasis from their tabloid bar scenes. I like to imagine that the best parts of The Bowery are secrets for the guests -- that eastward view of green, the deliciously comfortable bed, the lovely staff. As for the rest of the place, the Page Six types can have it.
Note: Our spy snagged this room for $375 a night, not including taxes. So you will have to have some green to admire this green.

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