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Radisson Blu's Revolving Door Unfairly Attacks Justin Bieber

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  Site Where: Messe Kreisel 3, Cologne, Germany, 50679
May 21, 2010 at 9:12 AM | by | ()

The Radisson Blu Hotel in Cologne, Germany better watch its back. After its revolving door brutally attacked Justin Bieber--without reason!--Bieber fans will be on the warpath to take down anyone and anything that messes with the bodily perfection of Bieber and his lovely lady hair.

Ok, maybe we're exaggerating. After all, Justin hitting his head on a revolving door was entirely his fault (watch the video above.) But Bieber fans did send death threats to Kim Kardashian just for posing in a pic with the Biebster so you never know what they might do to a hotel.

Meanwhile, we're happy that Justin Bieber stayed in a Radisson Blu! The hotel has free internet (so he can keep up with his Twitter followers), several suites (we're guessing he stayed in the one on the sixth floor with a private terrace), 24-hour room service (you know how teenage boys like to eat) and something called a Vitarium which is like a fitness center but with a Finnish sauna, steam bath and relaxation rooms.

Best of all you can stay here for 82 Euros a night with the hotel's advance purchase offer. Otherwise rooms typically start at 110 Euros a night.

[Photo: @JustinBieber]

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Poor Justin

Maybe if he cut his hair he could see where he was going...