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How Eventful Has The Opening of The Eventi Been?

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May 21, 2010 at 12:27 PM | by | ()

The other day we found ourselves hotel-hopping in New York City and we decided to pop into the just-opened Eventi Hotel.

We've been through this hotel before but the hotel's PR team denied us from taking any photographs, insisting on sending us renderings instead, albeit pretty realistic ones. (But still, grrr.)

When we walked in, we had just missed the end of the free wine-tasting hour for guests. Yet there was quite a few people checking in and a handful of other guests were scattered in the lobby's corner lounge.

Despite the plush armchairs and sofas, the lobby has no real sense of place. It's also small considering the building's height and lacks a wow factor, though that flooring had us saying, "Wow" in a different kind of way. And while the painting on the ceiling and the never-ending closet/mirror near the elevators are fun conversation starters, they are also confusing. "What is this hotel about?" we found ourselves asking.

The sleek exterior of the 54-story hotel also seemed out of place on the ever-busy Sixth Avenue in North Chelsea, surrounded by small, odd stores and businesses. (BTW, if you're in the need for Novelty Candy, it's right across the street.)

So the lobby has left us unimpressed but we have seen some good things up in the guestrooms, particularly the floor to ceiling windows and we're hoping that this is where the experience of Eventi will really begin. There aren't any reviews on TripAdvisor just yet but we've got a few calls dialed into our hotel spy network and we hope to show you something from the guest rooms very soon.

Meanwhile, Conde Nast Traveler has the skinny on two promo deals that you can use at The Eventi to take some of the heat off your budget--if the Eventi is really on your NYC Hotel wish list.

Have you stayed at The Eventi recently? What did you think?

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Eventi Hotel

Just another of those "chic" NYC hotels that will soon be taken over by lousy unionized staff.  Bye bye service...


Service levels

Bad service starts at the top.  It has nothing to do with unions.