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Will CitizenM Open Its Glasgow Property This Summer?

May 19, 2010 at 8:59 AM | by | ()

Citizen M Schiphol. We likes the pod.

UPDATE: Citizen Diego at CitizenM tells us the 198-room hotel will indeed open this summer. The exact opening date will be published on the CitizenM Twitter and Facebook pages sometime soon.

Don’t you just love a hotel mystery? Yes, yes you do. So here goes. The funky Dutch budget brand citizenM was due to open its first still funky but non-Dutch outpost in Glasgow late last year. But it kind of disappeared off the radar.

We didn’t think any more about it, until we got the citizenM email newsletter through last week, and in it, they’re running a competition for a two-night stay in Glasgow.

So what’s going on with the mythical Glasgow property? We’re actually not sure. There’s no opening date mentioned on the competition – only that the comp closes June 11, so we’d assume the opening will be imminent as of that point.

The jobs page of the citizenM website says it’s opening “soon”, although of course in hotelspeak that could be within the next decade. The ”rollout” page is annoyingly unspecific, as is the locations page. We contacted citizenM HQ to ask about the opening date, but as yet, they haven't got back to us. As we said, mysterious.

We’ve scoured the net but can’t see anything about it, so all we can assume is that some time in the summer they’re going to magic a hotel out of nowhere and declare it open. Which, seeing as the pods were being prefabricated anyway, doesn’t seem too far off what might be the truth.

In the meantime, to enter the competition, just tweet your favorite inspirational quote with the hashtag #citizenMglasgow, or post it on their Facebook page. Luck!

Do you know what’s going on with citizenM Glasgow? Let us know! Drop a comment in below, or tips@hotelchatter.comemail us. In return, we’ll give you a deep fried Mars bar.

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I have heard the hotel is opening mid July