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Bet on the 2010 World Cup and Get Discounts at Design Hotels

May 17, 2010 at 3:15 PM | by | Comments (0)

Headed to the FIFA World Cup in Johannesburg next month? JEALOUS. Not heading to the World Cup and sad about it? Design Hotels has something to cheer you up--betting on the World Cup for hotel room discounts!

This nifty collection of true design hotels from around the world (no Marriotts, Hyatts or Hiltons included) has kicked off a clever World Cup-themed promo in which room rate discounts will increase as the hotel's country advances into the football tournament. So while there are no actual bets being made, selecting your hotel room is a bit of a gamble.

Starting with Round 32, rates at participating design hotels will be discounted by 10 percent. In Round 16, the rates will drop by 20 percent. Quarter finals will get you a 30 percent discount, semi-finals will get you a 40 percent discount and the Finals will get you a whopping 50 percent off the best available rate.

However, things are a little tricky. If the team does not advance to the next round, the special "World Cup Rate" will no longer be valid. So while we hope for some great upsets for our viewing pleasure, we do hope that your team wins so you can get the discount.

More breakdowns on the World Cup Rate after the jump

Here are the rate breakdowns by discount, World Cup round and most importantly, date:

· Round 32, 10% off Best Available Rate: 11 June - 25 June
· Round 16, 20% off Best Available Rate: 26 June - 1 July
· Quarter Finals, 30% off Best Available Rate: 2 July - 5 July
· Semi Finals, 40% off Best Available Rate: 6 July - 10 July
· Final, 50% off Best Available Rate: 11 July - 13 July

In order to really take advantage of this deal, you must pick a hotel in a country that you think is going to do well. Our money is on Brazil, Germany, Spain and Italy. And here are a few of the participating Design Hotels in those countries:

· Hotel Unique, São Paulo, Brazil
· 25 Hours Hotel Frankfurt by Levi’s, Frankfurt, Germany
· Maison Moschino, Milan, Italy
· Hotel Omm, Barcelona, Spain

For the full list of participating hotels, head on over to Design Hotels. All in all this is not the greatest deal out there, but if you're traveling during the World Cup this is a fun promotion to try and you may even get a discount or two. So, good luck! May the best hotel, er, country win!

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