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What Would Carrie Say? The Plaza Athenee Is Getting Barbiefied

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  Site Where: 25 Avenue Montaigne, Paris, France, 75008
May 10, 2010 at 8:50 AM | by | ()

We always had the French down as innately stylish, but looks like they’re happy to abandon that when money comes a-knocking. How else to explain the new Barbie rooms at the Plaza Athénée - two rooms that, according to the hotel, have been:

Made over like a little girl’s dream in the iconic doll’s favorite colors with exclusively signed furniture and accessories galore.

The rooms are suitable for girls aged three and up (way to indoctrinate catch ‘em young, guys!) and each little girl who stays there will receive a “special girlie gift” supposedly designed by Barbie herself (hmm).

Luckily it’s a limited, summer madness thing only – the rooms will only be on offer from August 5 through September 5.

What does it cost to book it, aside from having a little girl with a Barbie addiction? (Or, possibly an adult with a Barbie problem?) A Barbie room is yours for €1,600 (£1,395/$2,076) per night, with a connecting deluxe room for the parents, or €2,500 (£2,179/$3,244) if you’d prefer a connecting suite. Though if you can afford that, you might like to think about stumping up for a private pink plane, too.

[Photo: Plaza Athenee/Facebook]

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In the Pink

My daughter is 3 next year and when she saw this photo there was only one place she wanted to stay. I saw a brochure which even showed a pink TV from ln46c650 deals so she is looking forward to watching that.

What a great color scheme that is. When she wears pink no-one will see her.