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Exactly When Is the Eventi Hotel Opening?

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April 7, 2010 at 3:05 PM | by | ()

These days it seems as one hotel in Manhattan opens, another one is set to open just around the block. While there's only a few days left before paying guests step inside Trump Soho and Fashion26, we've decided to take a look at one of the next hotels set to open--Eventi Hotel from Kimpton Hotels.

The last time we looked, the hotel was set for a May 14 opening date and with special preview rates of $223 a night. And indeed a reader writes in to tell us that he booked a room for May 15. But could that change?

According to the website the special preview rates of 20 percent off only begin on June 1. Additionally, our reader says reservations are no longer being accepted until June 1. Could there be a delay in the works? It's very possible.

On the bright side, when we looked to book a room today reservations were being accepted starting May 23 (for $209 a night.) So as of now, if there is a delay it looks to be by only a week or so. The other explanation for the small delay could be that the hotel will only have a few floors open starting May 15 and those might have already been sold-out.

This is what happened when we stayed at Ink48 last fall on its first day open to guests. While the hotel service was flawless in accommodating guests in the soft-opening phase, we felt as if we missed out on the real hotel experience, since it wasn't quite finished.

Either way, we just hope that if Eventi is not opening on time, they will give their guests plenty of advance notice as well as set them up with new accommodations elsewhere in the city.

We'll keep you updated on the revolving door of opening dates for the Eventi Hotel but if you have any questions about your hotel reservation or if you have some scoop on when it will open for realz, put them in comments below.

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When you stayed there, what did you feel you missed out on?  

The restaurant wasn't finished

Nor was the lobby. We did get free breakfast but it was in a conference room. And it just really hadn't achieved its personality yet. I think you can get away with soft-opening a small hotel but this very large and empty. Wonder what it's like now? Hint hint!


You may get your answer on what it is like now very soon...