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A Balloon Ride Or a Waterproof Book: That's What You Get For Road Trippin' With JdV

April 28, 2010 at 8:55 AM | by | ()

Gaige House in Sonoma. Hot air balloon not shown

We’re always California dreamin, so as URLs go, www.roadtrippincalifornia.com is up there with the most attractive ones. The website is a new thing for Joie de Vivre hotels, who are offering special road trip-minded packages at all its hotels.

It’s a nice idea, but there’s some serious sifting through to work out whether it’s a deal or not – and it all depends on the package, which is different for all the hotels.

So, for example, stay at Gaige House in Sonoma and the Up and Away package ($619, whereas rooms start at $259) includes a hot air balloon ride, a post-flight, um, flight of a champagne brunch and 15 percent off at the spa. Is that worth $350? Seeing as, trawling the net, balloon rides seem to start at $200pp, yes, it probably is.

But then, on the other hand, you’ve got the Hotel Erwin in Venice Beach which will cost you $209 next Monday normally, but will set you back $269 with the Road Perks special package, earning you two drinks, free parking, 20 percent off at Kooey swimwear and a “waterproof book for pool or beach”. Um, ok.

Definitely the best bit of it all, though, is the Joie Ride Bonus - stay at three JdV hotels over the summer (one night at each, before September 15), and you’ll earn a free night's stay at one of three “hand selected hotels”, valid for a year.

To earn it, just make sure you book from the Roadtrippin' California website, and send the three confirmation numbers to joieridebonus@jdvhotels.com. We’re guessing they won’t be throwing in a balloon ride, though.

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