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Print Right from Your BlackBerry at Hilton Hotels

April 27, 2010 at 9:25 AM | by | ()

It's pretty annoying when you have to jump on a dinosaur of a computer at a hotel to print up an email or a boarding pass. The simple process seems to take forever on the slow computers. But BlackBerry users staying at Hilton hotels now have the option to print directly from their smartphones.

Download the mobile printing app, HP ePrint, to wirelessly print documents in the company's 1,300 worldwide hotels, which are equipped with a network of special public printers called PrintSpots.

To do mobile printing, it takes three steps: First, click the application's "print" button on your BlackBerry. Second, find and choose a PrintSpot location—similar to a basic Web search—and click to select. Third, users review a description of the printer selected and the document to be printed, and then click "print" to send the job to their hotel printer. Using a secure release code, the document is printed after you send it.

The cool thing is that you can send something to print while you wait for a hotel elevator or pack in your room. When you're all set, the doc will be waiting for you. However, just because the app is free doesn't mean you'll get complimentary printouts; printing costs vary with each property. But you'll be charged the same as if you'd printed a doc from the hotel's computers. Be sure to check about prices if you are going to print up your boarding passes, because a number of Hilton hotels provide those for free.

Now that CrackBerrys have mobile-printing capabilities, we expect a similar app to come out for iPhones.

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