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What's the Deal With Pool Time For Guests at The W Hollywood?

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April 1, 2010 at 3:15 PM | by | ()

UPDATE 5.19.10: The hotel has relaxed the pool policy for guests.

The fabulous people of L.A. may be thrilled that Drai's and the pool scene is now open at the W Hollywood Hotel and Residences, but if you're a regular person? Before you get into your bathing suit and head to the roof for a swim, check your calendar. Is it a Sunday? If the answer's yes, you may be staying dry.

Travel writer Jason Cochran was the man who brought this to our attention, via his tweets about the pool on Sunday:

What kind of hotel won't let guests use the pool? The W Hollywood! Doorman says he can "introduce" me to the manager if I want to swim.

And this:

The W Hollywood hotel lets a third party run its pool, and the third party won't prioritize guests for entry. Should have stayed at the SLS.

What happened to that famous Whatever, Whenever service, hmmm? When we toured the hotel back in January, we were told that hotel guests would always have access to the pool. Today, a Drai's rep tells us:

The pool / WET deck is entirely accessible to guests from 6:00am-5:00pm Monday through Saturday. Currently, on Sundays Drai's has a pool party from 10am-10pm, so guests have access to the pool prior to 10am on Sundays.

The rep admits that "this can sometimes be an issue for guests," as it was for Cochran, but that "the hotel is working closely with its partners to find a solution that works for everyone."

What do you think of this Sunday policy? Have you had a similar experience? Or had the privilege of getting WET at the W Hollywood's pool, despite the roadblocks? Give us the scoop in comments below.

[Photo: Drai's website ]

Archived Comments:

Guests should have access no matter what

That is insane that they would have to access the pool before 10am on Sundays. That's not relaxing at all. So I guess guests will have to go someplace else for a more relaxing stay.

Great Visit!

I visited the W last weekend and had a great time. Everything about my visit was top notch, from the food in drais served during lunch, to the great pool party on sunday, we had an amazing time! Staff in both drais and the hotel were exceptional. I would definitly reccomend a visit to the W and Drais very soon!


umm steve32 did you even read the article? Thats pretty lame about the Sunday's....VegasChatter should update this article if it changes. I could always just talk to my boy Cy...woo!

steve32 sounds like an inside tool

though this is his first comment, i'd bet my flip flops he'll have only glowing things to say about W hotels, and only W hotels, going forward.

Andaz WeHo, perhaps?

That's a joke.  W is one of my favorite brands - even though I work for a direct competitor - but that is totally ridiculous and something no guest should tolerate.  And what's with the whole "the hotel is working closely with its partners to find a solution that works for everyone" shpiel? OK, how hard could it be, REALLY? Either they're not being aggressive enough in terms of guest advocacy or they want to keep things the way they are, yet make appearances seem as though they're "working on it." I'm so tired of hotels that treat guests as second-rate just because it's a club (ehem, talking to you, Standard NYC). What happened to W guests being the "who's-who" of fun and partying? Are we getting too cool for school now? I love W, but seriously... WTF?


Isn't the whole point of heading to LA for the weekend to sit by the pool? What fun is that if you can't even dip a toe? Thanks for heads up.