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Are Your Internet Activities Illegal? Radisson Blu is Watching You

April 1, 2010 at 4:30 PM | by | ()

Have you ever been staying at a hotel with fast and free WiFi only to find that when you sit down for some internet time at night, that the speed of the connection has slowed? This is usually due to other users in the hotel downloading porn or accessing other streaming video content. It's sad, but it's true and we wish it was rarer.

Hotel chain Radission Blu, like many others, turn a blind eye to what guests do in their rooms within reason, unless it involves accessing child pornography. They'll be the first chain in the world to pioneer use of NetClean's "child abuse-free zone," where software will monitor files for such illicit content.

Radission Blue currently operates 235 hotels around the world, but this system will be initially tested only in the chain's Scandinavian properties before they roll it out all over. But what will happen if the hotel finds out that a guest is surfing child porn? NetworkWorld asks the same question: "

Because NetClean's technology detects known images based on digital fingerprinting, assuming there has not been a false positive, it is effectively detecting a criminal offence in many countries. In the UK, that would mean telling the police.

Guests will be made aware of the system through an information tag beside the data port in hotel rooms, or when signing up for Wi-Fi. Ideally, this warning would also explain the seriousness of child porn trafficking.

We wouldn't want to be the hotel staff on child porn-watch duty, but it's a job someone's got to do in order to help possibly catch dangerous pedophiles.

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