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The Greenwich Hotel Switches Its Coke, But Can We Tell the Difference?

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March 5, 2010 at 9:17 AM | by | ()

It's not often hotels call us in to do taste tests (hell-oooo, Todd English? Laurent Tourondel? Anyone?) So when The Greenwich Hotel invited us over for one this week, we jumped at the chance. Alas, it was not a Locanda Verde tasting menu we got to sample, but something much more humble—and universal. A glass of Coca-Cola.

The hotel has recently made a drastic Coke change, you see. Being conscious of the health-slaying, fat-boosting properties of high-fructose corn syrup, the folks at the Greenwich decided that American Coke just wouldn't cut it anymore. They decided that Coke made with natural sugar would be, if not healthy, a little less likely to raise their guests' blood sugar levels. So they did the switch and guestroom minibars—which are complimentary (except for booze)—now carry imported Coke from Mexico.

What they wanted to know was: could we tell the difference between the two? We sat down in the Greenwich lobby to see if we could finger the "healthy Coke" and the "bad Coke" during a blind taste test.

The first glass we tried (the one on the left in the photo above) tasted somewhat flat, not as bright and bubbly as the Coke of our tastebud's memories. The second (on the right) had more of a sugar rush—we could tell the difference immediately. The sweeter one had to be the American Coke. The one jacked up with the corn syrup. (Our fellow taster agreed.)

But we were so totally wrong! See?

That extra-sweet flavor we figured had to be fake was in fact the taste of real cane sugar from Mexico. It was also our favorite of the two samples. We're not sure what the moral of this story is other than that it's pretty cool that we like the healthier version of something for a change.

We'll be psyched to put our health first next time we have $500 to drop on a room at the Greenwich!

p.s. Schweppes fans, beware: the hotel has also canned your favorite ginger ale, for the crime of high fructose corn syrup. In their efforts to give their guests the best health a free minibar can provide, they've replaced the Schweppes with Boylan's Natural Sodas. Cheers!

Archived Comments:

what about real sugar NOT from mexico

i swear i once had a coca cola made with real sugar but it wasn't from mexico. maybe somewhere in europe? either way, it tasted phenomenal. i often find the mexico one to be so off. like it just doesn't taste right for some reason. that said, i am happy to drink it versus the evil fructose corn syrup. yay for the greenwich!

kosher coke

every year for passover, Coke changes the recipe for coca-cola and uses real sugar instead of the corn syrup. I know they sell it in the NY/NJ area, and its signified by yellow bottle caps instead of red. They usually sell out real fast because it tastes so much better than regular coke, and everyone - not even those who celebrate passover - buy as many as they can.