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Adventures in Blind Hotel Booking: The Hollywood Roosevelt for $122

March 31, 2010 at 2:56 PM | by | ()

Now that Quikbook and Travelocity are getting into the blind booking business, joining Hotwire and Priceline, we've got many more tools to use when searching for bargain hotel rates. So we've decided to keep regular tabs on our wins (and in some cases, losses). We used to call this Hotel Roulette but it's a new decade and this type of research needs a new name--Adventures in Blind Hotel Booking. Here's our first match.

There is this man named Sir Paul McCartney, you might have heard of him before? Anyways, even though he is 67 years old, he is still touring the world playing his greatest hits from the Beatles, Wings, Fireman and his own successful solo work. So when we heard that he was coming to the Hollywood Bowl, we jumped at the chance to see him live.

And we decided to make a night out of it. We don't live far from Hollywood but we wanted to enjoy the concert, if you know what we mean. Yet since we splurged on the tickets, we needed to keep our hotel room costs down. So we turned to our trusty friend, Hotwire.

On Hotwire.com we plugged in the date and selected the Hollywood location and the hotel star requirement. An option of $122 a night came up for a four-star hotel. Going over to Better Bidding we sussed out this would either be the Renaissance Hollywood or the Hollywood Roosevelt.

We prayed for the latter since we'd been there several times before and it's far less of a madhouse than the Renaissance. Also, Hollywood Roosevelt has the 25 Degrees Burger Bar which is incredibly delicious (their grilled cheese sandwich is just as good as their burger.)

We rolled the dice and immediately Hotwire informed us that we were indeed booked at the Hollywood Roosevelt. Score! Looking at Expedia, rooms at the hotel for that night were going for $239 and the hotel's own site was offering an advance purchase rate of $209. So we definitely got a deal.

After arriving at the hotel, we checked into room 407 in the original tower. This room was actually a little bit bigger than our colleagues stay here last June. Plus we noticed the addition of Keurigs atop the mini-bar. The bathroom was tiny and the view was the back of the Cinegrill sign, but we were rather stoked at our deal.

Besides we spent just an hour in the room before we headed out to McCartney and we didn't return until after midnight. Then we had to roll out by 9am to get back home and back to work. So we didn't need a lot of space. Just a nice comfy bed, which we got.

And now, our informal Hotwire Analysis...

Room Rate: $122 vs. $239 on Expedia and $209 on Hollywood Roosevelt's own site.
With Taxes: $144.80.
Other Fees: $30 for parking, $10 for internet, $3.50 for Keurig coffee.
Outcome: While the extra fees can add up (we actually didn't need to use the Keurig), we still think using Hotwire for one night at the Hollywood Roosevelt was a success.

What do you think of our Hotwire deal--did we get a deal or could we have gotten something even cheaper in that same category? Let us know in comments below.

PS. Can anyone identify the three men in the photo above the bed?

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