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Quikbook Gets Into the Private Sale Game with its 'Secret Sale'

March 2, 2010 at 10:58 AM | by | ()

The Private Sale trend continues to be hot for hotel booking sites! We can now add Quikbook.com to the list of booking sites giving folk a chance to book further discounted rooms by keeping the hotel names secret until the sale day. It's called...Secret Sale.

But Quikbook is changing it up ever so slightly. If you book a hotel today, within 24 hours Quikbook will email you the hotel's name and details. You can see the hotel's location and the type (deluxe, modern, budget, etc.) but not the name. So it's a bit like Hotwire but with a time-delay.

Here's how Quikbook describes it:

Shhh...can you keep a secret? Because we need to keep your Secret Sale hotel names private in order to get you these un-publishable, rock bottom rates. Thanks to our stealthy negotiating abilities, you can save BIG at six great Secret hotels in NYC, Washington, DC & Chicago. Book one today and within 24 hours we'll email you with the hotel's name & details.

We have to admit, we're slightly put off by the revealing of the hotel name AFTER you book it, if only because we don't have the tools like BetterBidding.com to guide us and help us sort of cheat the system. And when the rates are totally non-refundable and no cancellations are allowed, we'd like all the help we can get.

However, the good thing is that Quikbook deals with a very limited inventory that is hand-picked. You're not going to be stuck at a rando motel near the tunnel or anything.

Wanna take a stab at guessing these properties? Here are some descriptions:
· NEW YORK: "This hip luxury hotel is located in NYC's Union Square and is sure to please the most discriminating traveler." $295
· CHICAGO: "This 3-Star hotel in the heart of Chicago provides countless amenities to ensure a pleasant stay." $80
· DC: "This upscale Georgetown hotel offers all the amenities you'd expect from a quaint DC boutique" $99 + $40 for weekday stays

What are your thoughts on Quikbook's new blind booking Secret Sale? Would you use it or not? Let us know in comments below.

Archived Comments:

Pleasantly Surprised

I love QB and I always have a great stay when I book a hotel in NYC, so I figured I would try this secret sale of theirs, and last week I booked their "Deluxe Midtown" secret hotel, and I was pleasanty surprised! I had heard of the hotel before, but never actually stayed in it, but it was quite refreshing! It wasn't in the midst of all the midtown hub-bub, but it was very close to where I needed to be. Honestly I am very leary of not knowing what I am paying for, but once I got the hotel details I was much more at ease and quite happy with the selection.

ooo what hotel was it?

can you share with us?

Secret Sale

This was their last secret sale and I ended up at the Affinia Shelburne. I felt I had gotten a great deal, considering how nice the hotel was. I wished I had seen your post about QB earlier today I just booked the Sax for $144 on Expedia (it's on sale right now), for a 3 night stay next week in Chicago, but I wonder what QB's $80 secret hotel in Chicago is? If anyone books it and finds out, pls post!