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Capsule Hotels Strike Back! The Atlantis Capsule Hotel Has Our Attention

March 18, 2010 at 1:10 PM | by | ()

UPDATE: More capsule hotels arrive in the form of the Sleep Box!

Last week, we thought we'd moved on from the capsule hotel trend to the micro-hotel trend, especially ones with private bathrooms. But there's a new capsule hotel on the block that's snagged our attention with their pretty but pretty claustrophobic designs---the Atlantis Capsule Hotel.

There's not much to go on about this new capsule hotel design though. The background photo for the hotel’s Twitter account shows what looks like a double-decker tanning bed, and so far all the info we can glean on this project also comes via tweets.

From the Twitter bio, we know that the "5* Capsule Hotel" will have:

Futuristic Mood Lighting Locker Wifi TV AirCon Mirror Slippers Pyjamas Towel Toothbrush Scifi Lounge Docking in Airports Stations Cities.

Another tweet said:

Lobby will have Free Cybercafe Vending Machines Plasma TV Sofas Shoe Lockers Any other suggestions welcome, your comments valued.

The company behind the Atlantis Capsule Hotel is the UK-based De Wood Group, which has a few other small (though not pod) hotel projects in the works. When we tweeted them for more info on Atlantis, they told us that they were still negotiating with prospective property owners, local councils and the fire department about where their Capsule Hotels might be placed. They also said that the design is in the final stages.

Want your thoughts on capsule design to be heard? Get tweetin’ at the Atlantis Capsule folk! But don't forget to tell us what you’d want in a capsule hotel too.

Got more scoop on this project? Put it in comments below!

Archived Comments:

Atlantis Capsule Hotel

We have been looking to import Japanese capsules for a number of years, and in fact requested the manufacturers to make them larger for us, but they declined. We earnestly started designing our own capsule about 4 years ago after getting feedback on what people would want. Hundreds of people were shown the initial design, which has then evolved over this period taking into account their responses and a further response was elicited from more people, the response has been phenomenal, and to our surprise only a handful said they were claustrophobic.
The following was the response in priority order:
  1. As much soundproofing as possible
  2. More space inside
  3. Privacy with some kind of door for security as well
  4. Luggage storage next to the capsule
  5. Ease of entry as they felt front entry was more difficult.
  6. Wi-Fi

The Fire Department of London looked at the open capsules of Japan and said they preferred our design so long as it meets stringent fireproofing as the open Japanese design would be quite dangerous in a fire situation especially in a dormitory situation.

The capsule is much larger than anything on the market, it has a full size single mattress of 900mm width and the curved door gives it more space, total width to the curve is 1200mm, in comparison the Japanese capsules are about 800mm wide, therefore it is less claustrophopic, and the pumping of fresh air into the capsule will be more relaxing.

Our intention was to create a luxurious experience in the confined space, without compromising on quality.

All our capsules will have the following:

  1. Privacy door opened with personal magnetic card and lockable from inside for security
  2. Locker with mini safe and clothes hanger
  3. Air conditioning and fresh air provision
  4. Smoke detector
  5. Mood lighting with LED colour change controlled by guest
  6. LCD TV
  7. Headphones
  8. Extendable Mirror with LED light
  9. Netbook with Free Wi-Fi
  10. Telephone to call reception
  11. Touch Screen for instructions in different languages
  12. Alarm Clock
  13. Multi socket

There will aslo be disabled rooms designed in the style of the capsules but not as bunk systems, and these will be fully compliant with local regulations as we believe that businesses should be inclusive of all members of our society.

The Main Lobby area will have:

  1. Kiosks for bookings
  2. Free cybecafe
  3. Lounge sofas with Plasma TVs
  4. If at the Airport Live feeds of flight information
  5. Shoe lockers
  6. 24 hour manned futuristic reception desk
  7. Vending Machines - Coffee, Soft Drinks, Snacks & Sandwiches

On booking guests will receive:
  1. Pyjamas
  2. Towel
  3. Slippers
  4. Amenity pack (Tootbrush, Tootpaste, Shower Gel)

The tariffs in Airports and City Centres will be Euros 25 for 4 hours and Euros 30 for over 4 upto 12 hours, which is reasonable considering you can have a nap, a shower, free internet use.

Docking Stations (locations):
Currently negotiating with Olympics 2012 (containerised version - they want us to bring 2500 capsules near the Olympic Village durinfg the Olympics), Mecca (initially want us to install 5000 capsules for accommodating pilgrims), Heathrow Airport, Dubai Airport and London City Centre locations. Just to clarify the talks are still in the initial stages.

We will be ready to launch as soon as soon as all permits and leases are agreed.

For reasons of confidentiality we have not gone live with our website and have not posted all the images yet on the internet, but be assured we will do so as soon as we are ready.

Any more suggestions welcome, they can be incorporated if they are feasible at this stage. Please email ali@dewood.co.uk


The Atlantis Capsule Hotel has had to change its name to SkyCapsules due to trademark issues. The concept and idea remains. Still accepting suggestions of what else to incorporate in the Capsule and the lobby areas.

Inquiry on capsules

Please send me an update on your project regarding sleep capsules. I am in the middle of a research for a business venture here in the United States which includes the sleep capsule for a short-stay, mini hotel. I luckily found your blog and was excited about it. Please let me know when and if ever you'll have cost pricing, models, dimensions, etc. Thank you.