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Simon Van Kempen is Working From The Hotel Chandler Today (Maybe)

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March 19, 2010 at 2:25 PM | by | ()

So says his Twitter stream.

Even if no one cares whether or not "Real Househusband" Simon Van Kempen works at the Hotel Chandler, we're still committed to finding some evidence that he really does work at the hotel and that it's not a Tori Spelling sort of sham.

The online evidence is slim but it's there. In fact, Simon even tweeted about "work" today saying:

Heading off to work where #Realhousewives is banished for the day while the real work happens.

We're hoping work is his work as General Manager at the hotel but it could always mean work on his book promotion or his house renovation out in Brooklyn. Yet we still have reason to believe he is on-property some days. Prior to this, his last Tweet about the hotel was done on February 9 in which he wrote:

it's barely snowing yet 2mrw we'll wake up 2 Snowmageddon. School's off & Francois wants me 2 stay home but 120 occ rooms in the hotel await

Also, Simon and Alex's Facebook fan page has a link to Hotel Chandeler. (It's under the link to buy their book.) So it appears that Simon is still working in some capacity for the hotel.

But enough with beating around the bush. We tweeted to Simon today asking if he was working at the hotel and he hasn't written us back yet. And since we're not exactly in Manhattan today, we can't pop over and see for ourselves. Help us out!

Anyone who's spotted Simon Van Kempen at the Hotel Chandler recently? Please let us know. Better yet, send us a pic!

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Simon is a real GM

Really....just call the property.