We Really Do Like It When Hotels Join the Conversation

March 11, 2010 at 4:55 PM | by | ()

Here's a look at what some commenters said on HotelChatter recently. Wanna join the discussion? Sign up and become a member. Or use your Facebook account to log-in. And don't forget to follow HotelChatter on Twitter.

Earlier this week, one of our writers posted a review of The Beverly Hilton which we scored for an excellent price on Hotwire. There were a few hiccups during the stay and we personally didn't love the decor which we wrote in comments. But the hotel's marketing "guy" reached out to us in comments to try and find more about the stay and to change our mind on the decor.

We're not looking to be swayed one way or the other but we really do encourage hotel owners, general managers and marketing guys and gals to join our conversation. Just become a HotelChatter member here or you sign-in with your Facebook account.

Here are some other great comments this:

· We were shocked to hear that free WiFi is not a hotel must for everyone.
· Even more shocking, someone wants a hotel with no WiFi.
· The James Hotel in Chicago has a Foursquare offer!
· The GM at Andaz WeHo thinks their valet prices are "competitive" with what everyone else is charging.
· Fashion 26 is still opening on April 15.

Archived Comments:

Artmore Hotel

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