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Kiddie Bloggers Not Just for Fashion World as Ritz-Carlton PB Gets a 'Petite Blogger'

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February 25, 2010 at 8:55 AM | by | ()

Amanda Jet with her younger brother, her uncle Johnny and the hotel's director of PR, Christine DiRocco.

UPDATE 3.10.10: Looks like the Petite Blogger has been "put on hold for a little while." The hotel promised to let us know as soon as they are able to move forward with Miss Jet.

Last week, we were obsessed with Racked's child fashion blogger, Katie, who was really just a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the preteen and teen fashion bloggers that have captivated the fashion world. (See: Tavi.)

But kiddie bloggers can do more than pontificate on short hemlines and Rodarte for Target. They can write about kids programs at hotels! Thus The Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach has appointed their own child blogger--12-year-old Amanda Jet, niece of the very popular travel expert Johnny Jet.

Amanda's official title is Petite Blogger and her role is to, duh!, blog about her adventures at the hotel and the resort's kids program, Coast and AquaNuts.

She'll be testing out the Wii, scratching discs on the DJ turntables, singing karaoke (please, no Justin Bieber!) and participating in a variety of hotel events with other petite hotel guests, like the Easter egg hunt and the “Bring your Child Work Day." And she has the added benefit of being able to celebrate her official entry into teenage by holding her 13th birthday at the hotel. Lucky! (But again, please no Justin Bieber at the party!)

And if you're skeptical about Amanda's blogging skillz, fret not. She's already done a post on the Ritz's kids club for JohnnyJet.com here. (Note her ability to get into the Coast club for teens 13-17 at the age of 12. That's our kind of girl!) Amanda's uncle is, of course, very excited for her. He told us last night:

No one (to my knowledge) has ever come up with such a unique and basic idea as to have a child blogger – write about a hotel’s kids programs. It’s such a no brainer that it’s crazy no one ever thought of it before but who better to describe what a hotel has to offer to kids, than a kid? It may sound like a publicity stunt but I think she’s going to help the hotel sell a lot of rooms as their kids offerings really are fabulous. I won’t be surprised if other hotels all over the world hire their own Petite Blogger.

Uhoh, we've got competition.

For now, you can follow Amanda's adventures here on the Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach's Facebook page but hopefully, she'll get her own site soon.

[Photo via Ritz-Carlton Facebook]

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