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Would You Pay To Have Your Trip Toiletries Delivered to Your Hotel?

February 23, 2010 at 4:42 PM | by | Comments (8)

Do you just hate funneling your toiletries into little 3oz containers and then stuffing them into the clear zip-top bag for airport security when you go on a trip? And do you also hate the low quality of most hotel toiletries? Well, a new company called Suite Arrival is hoping that you despise both things enough to spend more money so you don't have to deal with it. They allow you to place an advance order for trip toiletries with them, which will then neatly arrive to your hotel when you do. So is this a good or stupid idea?

Packages start at $14.99 for an Overnighter for a female. Each is customizable for certain items and based on whether it's a male or female traveler and how long they're away (Overnighter up to "Road Warrior" at 7 nights or more). Considering how each item within the pack could probably be bought at a drugstore for $1 each, we don't think it's such a great value. That is, unless you're really opposed to having to duck into a drug store on your vacation.

And these aren't designed to deliver to you items you've forgotten; shipping to only the United States starts at $2.99 on top of your order amount, so it wouldn't be worth it just for a fingernail clipper and emery board.

That said, we think it's a great option for families...if only there was a family option among the box choices. Parents packing for a family beach vacation probably wouldn't mind having to pay $20 plus shipping to have a box of all the toiletries they need (including sunscreen and headache medication) delivered right to their room, but we're unsold for individual travelers.

What say you? Is the Suite Arrival plan a godsend or a gimmick?

Comments (8)

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Good for super-planners

if you're the type of person that has enough free time before your trip to plan out your toiletry order then yay for you. otherwise, i just keep a plastic baggie fully loaded with my toiletry must-haves in my suitcase. so i just pack and go.

Remember Added Hotel Fees

Sadly, it's not just airlines that love to nickel & dime their customers.  There are plenty of hotel that will gleefully add a charge to receive your package from Suite Arrival.

A quick Internet search took me to a Travel & Leisure story on CNN (from 2008) that said the Arizona Biltmore charges $10 to accept FedEx or UPS deliveries for guests.  That's unacceptable, as far as I'm concerned.

Cute idea but overpriced

I agree; this seems a little steep for the individual traveler, and I'm happy to duck out to the drugstore for the sample-sized stuff.

I would, however, consider buying one if they sold them on long-haul flights.

Nice idea

..however I wouldn't pay for that!


@thackfll is right...hotels can charge to receive packages for you.  Perhaps Suite Arrival needs to add more fineprint stating that additional fees for shipments may be incurred at the hotel. I know many people who, when they stay at a hotel, must have (small & important) packages delivered to them. I suggest calling a hotel and asking their receiving policy if you plan on doing the same.

Hillcrest Guest House, St. John, US Virgin Islands

Several guest have items shipped to me prior to arrival and some while here.  I do not charge for going to the post office, which I go to everyday or handing them a package.

Phyllis Hall,Owner
Hillcrest Guest House

Good hoteliers have you covered

Since the TSA took such a fancy to our travelling toiletries and skincare items, hoteliers have increasingly been trying to sooth our travelling angst and help their guests by stocking those forgotten or misplaced (TSA aquired) items we all need.
Extras like toothpaste, deodorant, hairstyling items are usually available from the concierge.
Kimpton hotels do a great job with there "weve got you covered" service for toiletries.
Ths is a great idea, but sadly too expensive to warrant singles travellers consideration.


Packages starting at $14.99???  Doesn't sound like something I would consider.

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