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Marriott Hotels in the UK are Looking for 'Hotel Inspectors'

February 23, 2010 at 1:24 PM | by | ()

The JW Marriott Grosvenor House in London. Check out our own "inspection" of this hotel.

It's no secret that HotelChatter is a total Anglophile, meaning we're a bit obsessed with anything British, even going so far as to hire a British gal solely based on her accent. (We kid, she's also an intrepid VegasChatter editor having attended both Barack Obama and Chippendales events with equal professionalism. Rrriiight.)

Anyhoo, being an Anglophile we were thrilled to hear that Marriott Hotels in the UK are hiring Hotel Inspectors, hand-picked individuals whose job it will be to keep an eye on the hotels in their region, ensuring that the new refurbs on the hotels stay in top condition. Could our dream of working and living in London come true?

The job description includes; tasting delicious meals in the hotel restaurants, unwinding in the vibrant bars, getting cosy in the remarkably comfortable Marriott signature beds and relaxing in the leisure facilities, which include pampering spas and world-class championship golf courses. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.

Marriott is seeking a total of six hotel inspectors from different UK regions with various backgrounds--from road warriors to harried mothers (or as they call them, "frazzled Mums.") The inspectors will be required to report on their stay in detail upon their return, pointing out any and all areas that need work.

The only requirements for the job are a love of hotels...and you must already live in the UK. Aw shucks. Looks like we're stuck admiring from across the pond.

Anyone with a serious interest in becoming a Marriott UK Hotel Inspector should email marriotthotelinspectors@nyloncommunications.com. Or apply in writing to: Marriott Hotel Inspectors, Nylon Communications, 19a Floral Street, London WC2E 9DS. The winning inspectors will be chosen by independent hotel experts like Ruth Watson from the UK show, "The Hotel Inspector" and Channel 4's Country House Rescue.

Would you rather do your own "inspecting?" Check out the list of recently refurbed Marriott Hotels in the UK here.

Archived Comments:

a good move for Marriott

This can compete with the best job in the world offered in the Hamilton Islands in Australia; I wonder what the catch is though. Nonetheless, this is a rather good move for Marriott. A lot of 5 star hotels are losing out to smaller, boutique cousins, because many find them rather cold and sterile, and worse, not value for money, even for seasoned business travellers what I've come across!

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