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Jennifer Aniston Was Well-Protected at The One and Only Palmilla

Where: KM 7 5 Carre Transpeninsula, San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico, 23400
February 12, 2010 at 8:55 AM | by | ()

Hitting up the the One and Only Palmilla and worried that paparazzi might be trying to snap pictures of you and your friends (including Gerard Butler) celebrating your 41st birthday in bikinis?

Well if you're Jennifer Aniston, then you have nothing to worry about--the resort will pull out all the stops to ensure your privacy is safe.

SF Gate reports:

In an agreed TV interview with reporter Billy Bush, the actress pointed out the paparazzi boats out at sea, full of snappers who tried to get saucy shots of the star.

But resort staff, police and the local coast guard went beyond the call of duty to make sure the trip was a relaxing one.

She explains, "Our gang ... has been holding up these mirrors ... to sort of disrupt their photographs ... I think any guest who comes here would hope to have a little privacy. I think it's very nice."

The One & Only Palmilla has a long history of celeb guests but how successful were the resort staff, police and local coast guard in really protecting Jen? Well, it depends. Us Weekly still managed to do a retrospective on Jennifer's bikini body through the years, which is bound to make any woman--famous or not--want to die a little inside.

Then again, we didn't have any pictures of her drunk-dialing Brad or prank-calling Angie. So, we'll consider that a success.

[Photo via Us Weekly.]

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