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A Rolls Royce Silver Wraith Lives At This Hong Kong Hotel

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  Site Where: 8 Yeung Uk Rd, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
February 11, 2010 at 8:53 AM | by | ()

Peninsula Hotels, some Four Seasons Hotels (like the Beverly Wilshire), and Dubai's Burj Al Arab. What do all these super luxury hotels have in common with a seemingly random nice property 40 minutes away from the downtown district of Hong Kong? Rolls Royce cars, that's what they have in common.

The Peninsulas are of course famous for their green Rolls Royce Phantoms, and their flagship Hong Kong hotel loves to keep a bevy of the beauties parked on display around the fountain in front of the hotel. They'd never guess however, that the L'Hotel Nina in the very same city had also amassed an impressive collection.

When we saw their fleet with our own eyes, it boasted of a Rolls Royce Silver Wraith and at least four different models of vintage two-seater Mercedes, all polished up and just begging you to inquire about them with the concierge. And now we ask: If a hotel had a Rolls Royce available for chauffeured sightseeing drives, would you be tempted to splurge on the experience?

[Photo: HotelChatter]

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If I were staying in one of these luxury hotels I would be tempted indeed to try the experience.

Not quite what i am used to!

I recently visited Antigua, Guatemala and stayed at the beautiful Palacio De Leonor hotel there. Whilst Antigua doesn't quite have many Rolls Royce cars floating around there is some amazing horse and carts! I kind of prefer the old ways!

Would you like fries with that?

I'd certainly take advantage of the rolls. What a great way to add value and increase your average customer spend. I just called around our local Central Coast Accommodation and none are offering such a service yet - I thought the Crowne Plaza at Terrigal may have been a chance.

Rolls Royce a beauty

We always get to see Rolls Royce at Peninsula Hotels ,i am not sure about Dubai stuff as i have been their very few times and their is no other car which is as classy as rolls royce .Private jets