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This Man Won the Grammy of the Hotel Industry

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February 1, 2010 at 9:55 AM | by | ()

So, Beyonce and Taylor Swift scooped up all the Grammys last night, but elsewhere in the world, another fierce competition was recently decided. We’re talking about the award for Receptionist of the Year.

This is no Office Space joke, but a very serious honor for the winner—which, this year, was Francois Lenne of Le Meurice in Paris. Lenne was granted the award at the Presidium of the International Association for Deputy Managers and Front Office Managers of Luxury Hotels, held in Madrid in January.

While you must have an exceptional reputation to be nominated for the award—known as the David Campbell trophy—the true test comes at this conference, where the 12 candidates from around the world had to compete in role-play games and other tests of their mettle.

Lenne apparently stood out for his “effort and earnestness,” and joins the ranks of other front-desk kings and queens who have won the award, from hotels such as the Intercontinental Wellington, the Four Seasons Canary Wharf London, and Four Seasons Singapore.

Bravo to Monsieur Lenne, and to the event organizers for next year: if you need a few people to role-play the parts of disgruntled guests to test the patience of your Receptionist of the Year finalists, you know who to call.

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les félicitations

This man..is just one of the wittiest and funniest man I know. I remember there is not a single second that this man and I don't laugh for just about everything...he makes everyone smile around him or better laugh like a child!
He deserves this honor and I'm so honored to call him my friend. Je suis fier de vous Monsieur!

See you in Paris this year!