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What's In the Bag at the Buckingham NYC?

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December 8, 2010 at 3:31 PM | by | ()

There are few things in hotel world quite like a breakfast in bed, but most of them are exceedingly overpriced. Which is why we were surprised last night, as we checked into the Buckingham Hotel in New York, to see that the room service menu sitting on our pillow was a flat rate of $9.95 plus tax for breakfast.

And although it wasn’t exactly Eggs Benedict – you get a choice of a pastry or granola bar, fruit, cereal or yogurt, juice and tea and coffee – seeing as we landed really late and had to work all morning, we ordered it. Reception told us it was an outside company that brought it, and we wondered how they’d manage all the trays.

This is how. This bag was delivered to us this morning and here’s what was in it:

Cereal, a blueberry muffin, OJ, coffee, a brownish banana and a glass of non fat milk for the Special K. Apart from the banana (we like ours green) it was just what we felt like – and all that at a restaurant would probably have topped $10 anyway. We approve

Other things we like about the hotel – there’s free wifi in the lounge on the second floor, the rooms (all suites) are big, and, most importantly, the lighting in the room is probably the best for working or reading that we’ve seen for a good year or two. Disclosure: yes, we spend most of our hotel stays on work time rather than sexy time, so we notice these things.

Full disclosure: juliab is staying as a guest of the hotel as part of an article for a UK newspaper, but all views expressed are her own.

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breakfast in a bag

i actually did something similar to this at the Radisson Edwardian in Leicester Square. I ordered up juice and 2 croissants which also arrived in a brown paper bag. it was quite convenient and way more affordable than the other room service options.

Breakfast in a bag

I am sad that you are satisfied with that breakfast in a bag, I can smell that brown banana from here.  Prob left in the room from another guest.  

There is a better way to stay! At a Bed and Breakfast where the second B is important to us. The reason "Continental" is a dirty word to an Innkeeper.  We have all been there, where is the love?

Not all B&Bs are run by grannies with stuffed bunnies in the rooms. Most of us offer free wifi, tvs, off street private parking, comfortable rooms, private baths, priv-acy, and local knowledge of the area and things to see and do.  Not all B&B's are stale and dingy or way too frou frou, some are casual and fun!

We hope ya'll discover a better way to stay.  B&Bs are the funky little sisters of the chain hotels.  "BREAK FREE OF THE CHAIN GANG!" I like to say. :)

Breakfast in a Bag

I run a B&B (not a single gran/stuffed toy in the place by the way) The modern B&B caters to much more luxury on a budget price than the vast majority of hotels (if you don't believe me take a look on the internet) I would also point out that the vast majority have free wi-fi both in the public areas and bedrooms for all guests. Plus as stated in our name included in the price is breakfast, this varies as per establishment but I know from experience they will make your mouth water. That you were happy with that sad little offering (that would only be given to people who were taking an early flight ie 2am) is a sad testiment to what is expected in a hotel!


hey B&B people, i love B&Bs! but sadly i know of none around W 57th St. And in lieu of a B&B, i think for $9.95 that was just fine! (banana aside - although it hadn;t been left in the room, cos i'd been in the room a day already!)

Breakfast in A Brown Bag

I think that you could at least find a good NYC H&H bagel and a schmear within a stone's throw of this hotel. Or maybe a Fivebucks with a muffin. It's really kind of a sad breakfast for $10 even at New York prices.  What was the nightly rate for this hotel??

Bed and Breakfasts....definitely a better way to stay!  Don't be lured into thinking that a $10 brown bag breakfast is OK when there are so many better options!  

venturing out

i had lots of work to do and had only got in at 1am so i just wanted to work in bed without going into the cold to find a starbucks and an electric socket etc. no time for all that.

but you're right - if i hadn't been pressed for time and needing internet and electricity, i would totally have ventured out. not to starbucks though, somewhere special.

i was there free because i was working on a piece for a paper back home, but they have rates for $139 right now

Breakfast in a Bag

I am a Granny with a B & B (very little frou-frou as I do nOT want to deal with it either!) but my breakfasts in a bag are MUCH beter than that and are complimentery with the room. I do not care if you arrived at 1 AM, if you wanted breakfast at 4 AM it would be ready - and if you wanted it in your room or for the road, it could be in a bag if you wished. My egg bake is made into a sandwich with either homemade cornbread or homemade English muffin bread (wrapped in waxed paper for the road in case they want to heat in a nuker), a banana or apple, fresh-baked muffins, napkins, and a to-go cup of tea or fresh-roasted, fresh-ground perked coffee. Of course this is not at every B & B, just as hotels operate differently so do B & Bs. Just pointing out the Better Way to Stay really is a B & B. This is how WE do things. We overnight stable horses and have served this OR a sit-down full breakfast at 4 AM many times.