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Miley Cyrus Photo Fakery at the Westin Palace Madrid

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December 3, 2010 at 8:45 AM | by | ()

We feel pretty pervy even looking at this photo but the Internet was abuzz yesterday that Disney star Miley Cyrus was caught in her first nude photo scandal.

Sure, she's 18 now and her recent performances have been so sexually charged that this might not seem surprising but for those of you are still clinging to the idea that Hannah Montana is still pure, you will be relieved to hear that the photo is a fake.

And what's really interesting is that whoever faked it went to great lengths to rent a room at the Westin Palace Madrid to do so.

Gawker unearthed this lame photo diagram from 4chan which lamely tried to prove that the photo of Miley is legit, even down to comparing the bathroom in the picture to the bathrooms in the hotel.

The diagram also documented how Miley was seen at the Westin Palace Madrid over the summer therefore backing up their case that it has to be Miley and no other person. Oh don't forget, the girl in the picture has an iPhone4, just like Miley!

But for your 6-year-old daughter's sake, who still prances around singing "Best of Both Worlds", you can relax as this is just complete photo fakery. The girl in the picture is reportedly some 19-year-old chick who just looks like Miley but who is also missing Miley's "Just breathe" tattoo on her left rib cage.

However, whoever faked the photo didn't mind paying at least 334 Euros for one of the rooms there. Hope they got their money's worth!

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