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Guess Who We Spotted at The Algonquin?

December 3, 2010 at 4:35 PM | by | ()

So we ducked into New York's Algonquin Hotel today for a cup of tea and a glance at their Christmas tree, and were treated to a surprise cameo by the hotel's most famous guest: the resident cat, Matilda. Usually she's chilling at the front desk or on her kitty-sized chaise by the front door, but today she slinked around underneath the chairs, and it's only when we spotted a fluffy tail disappearing underneath the seat next to us that we realized she was out and about.

Without the time to grab our good camera, we stalked Matilda with our iPhone until she hopped up onto the luggage cart and gave this perfect pose. She is a Birman, "an exotic breed that resembles a fluffy Siamese," and she continues the hotel's tradition (started in the 1930s when the General Manager adopted a stray) of keeping a cat around.

Matilda not only delights guests by brushing up against their legs in the lobby, but she also hosts cat fashion shows every so often. Oh yea, and she tweets regularly.

[Photo: HotelChatter]

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