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Justin Bieber Adopts a Familiar Alias at the Gansevoort Miami Beach

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December 29, 2010 at 9:02 AM | by | ()

Eager Biebers—those crazy fans who will do anything to come face to face with Justin Bieber—now have a way to stalk the mop-topped crooner during his hotel travels. They just have to brush up on their Friends trivia.

J-Beebs has been using the alias "Chandler Bing" to check in at hotels, most recently the Gansevoort Miami Beach.

He's obviously not keeping a low profile, since Chandler Bing is the most recognizable name of all of the Friends. Matthew Perry must be so proud.

Those of you who eager Biebers who are hoping for a love-at-first-sight encounter will be disappointed to hear that the teen was holed up in a Gansevoort suite with an older lady, cougar-in-training Selena Gomez.

Apparently, the two ordered some late-night room service from the hotel's steakhouse, STK. The two chowed down on penne with alfredo sauce and drank ginger ale and Pepsi—after all, both are under 21. Two teens alone sharing dinner in a Miami Beach hotel suite? Maybe they were watching Friends reruns.

[Photo: Gansevoort Miami Beach]

Archived Comments:

he should at least use...

Miss Chanandler Bong

I know lots of celebs aliases...

My girl Lindsay stays under the name Lilly Flowers. Especially when she's partying at hotels, hospitals and rehabs.

Major Fail on GPA's part

A lot of times celebs use character's names or even other celebs names (i have seen tom hanks and dustin hoffman used as aliases.) For GPA to leak that info is tantamount to announcing you have no privacy here and we will publishes private aspects of your stay if we think it will  generate good PR for us.  I'm not famous and would question my privacy at any of the ganzs now.

I use......

John Wright.