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If Its Designer Is Anything to Go By, Paris' Latest Hotel May Look Pretty Good

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  Site Where: Paris, France
December 28, 2010 at 5:33 PM | by | ()

Ora-Ito. Tres hot!

Zut alors, yet another hotel opening for Paris? Mais oui, disbelievers. This time it’s the turn of the Hotel O, which will be in the Les Halles district, near the Louvre.

Like its sister hotel Le Crayon, it’s being pretty cagey about its whereabouts, and its opening date – it says on the website it’s down to open summer 2011. It’s also using a Facebook page to spread the word. But what we can see is that it’s designed by Ito Morabito, or Ora Ito, as he goes by in design land (because obviously Ito Morabito wasn’t cool enough).

According to the notes on the Facebook page:

In keeping with Ora-Ito's most traditional style, the hotel is a harmonious blend of clean lines, smooth and relaxing curves, within a delicate and original style. The high-quality materials, which are basic yet surprising, delight and soothe both the eyes and the mind. The desired symbiosis between nature and urbanism, Hotel O aims to be as powerful as it is gentle, but, more importantly, it is able to deliver an experience of joy and relaxation after a hectic day in Paris.

It also says there will be 29 rooms, centered round a courtyard garden. And according to this article and our schoolgirl French from 1998, the “architecture and the materials will respond perfectly to the vocalubary of a cocoon, of well-being and of comfort”. The rooms will be “nest” style – which we think will probably mean tiny, right?

We don’t know much about Ora Ito’s work, apart from things like this - this will be his first hotel – but seeing as he looks like this, we’re hoping he produces something as pretty as his own pretty face. Bon chance!

[Photo: Infos Bar]

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