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Someone at the Soho Grand Really Likes Expensive Handbags

December 27, 2010 at 10:46 AM | by | ()

Update: The Soho Grand has given HotelChatter a statement regarding the incident below.

Remember way back when in 2007 when Kirsten Dunst had her suite broken into and her handbag stolen at the Soho Grand? Well, a few years later they finally punished the guy for the crime but it turns out the hotel is still a favorite for thieves with expensive handbag tastes.

Our fairy godmother Lisa Vanderpump of the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" had several of her own to-die-for handbags stolen during a recent stay at the hotel. She tells gossip site Radar Online:

"I had four purses valued at just over $8,000 including two Christian Louboutins, one Louis Vuitton and one Channel. Those were my signature bags. Boy do I feel violated," Lisa tells us.

Lisa, known as "Pinky" to close friends, was staying at the hotel while filming scenes for RHOBH. The reality star says she complained to management but feels she is getting the run around.

According to Lisa and her husband, the hotel told her they were not responsible for the theft and that she should have kept her bags in the in-room safe. To which Lisa said there wasn't enough room. (Actually her words were, "Do they expect me to stick Jiggy (her dog) in the safe too?") Additionally, the hotel told her husband to contact their insurance department but still, the hotel will not replace the bags.

It's safe to say that Lisa will never stay at the Soho Grand again but we wonder what sort of other steps, short of replacing $8,000 worth of French designer bags, could the hotel take to make things right with Lisa again? Unlimited free nights in a suite for one year?

After all, we think it's reasonable to assume that if a hotel guest leaves the room, closes and therefore locks the door, their belongings should be safe, especially at a hotel like the Soho Grand where keycards are needed to access the guest floors.

While the Soho Grand sorts this situation out, and hopefully re-evaluates their security plan, we'll be leaving our Forever21 Chanel bags at home during our next hotel stay.

Statement from Soho Grand:

We take the security of our guests and their property very seriously and thoroughly investigate all claims of lost property. The Vanderpumps notified the Hotel after they had departed that they had left behind four handbags. After a complete investigation was conducted the Hotel was unable to determine that the bags had been left in the guestroom.

[Photo: NY Daily News]

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I had always kind of trusted the Soho Grand, especially since they're fashioning themselves into an it-place for the fashion and design crowds, but I can't be recommending it now, since some of my friends do travel with bag loads like she does.

Might be different for Lisa

But when I stay at a hotel with nice handbags or any nice item really, I get a little crafty in hiding it since I hate using the in-room safes. And like Lisa said, often times they are too small.

Don't want to give away all of my secrets but sometimes that extra pillow in the closet is good for something other than giving your back extra cushioning.


If I would wear Chanel, I would not write it with 2 N's; Its just CHANEL