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Disney's Animation Resort to Open in Spring 2012 with 'Finding Nemo' Suites

December 17, 2010 at 4:06 PM | by | ()

Expect some Nemo sheets!

It seems that there can never be too many hotels at Disney World and the more thematic these hotels can get, the better.

Which is why Walt Disney World is planning its first family-suites hotel that will be centered around the animated Disney movies everyone knows and loves. It will be called Disney's Art of Animation Resort and yes, expect to find Nemo here, as well as Ariel and Simba.

The 2,000-room hotel will open in May 2012 with 866 standard rooms but also 1,120 of these family suites which can fit up to six people.

The first wing to open will be the "Finding Nemo" wing followed the "Lion King" and the "Litter Mermaid" by December 2012. Ahem, they better also include "Aladdin" and we hope some of their newer animated movies like "Tangled" and "The Princess and The Frog."

The hotel rooms will be classified as "value" but remember Disney Value is a lot different than Regular Folk Value. But we won't know for sure just how much this will cost until sometime in 2012. Sit tight kiddies!

[Photo of Finding Nemo bedding: Amazon]

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